PTA Survey: Parents Value Arts

Wed, 11/09/2011 (All day)

California State PTA logoThe California State Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has just released the results of a statewide survey of parents and families, intended to measure their top public education concerns.  The PTA reports, "The survey showed parents and families place the highest education priority on ensuring that every student has access to a complete curriculum that includes the arts, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as well as on smaller class sizes, strengthening teacher and administrator effectiveness, and reducing the dropout rate."

The survey asked PTA volunteers to rate the relative importance of 33 legislative and policy issues related to education, health, safety and parent involvement, the PTA's major focus areas.  The respondents were also asked to indicate which programs have been cut within their local schools due to budget cuts.  According to the PTA, "Arts education programs [...] suffered dramatically, with 22.6 percent reporting they have been eliminated and another 42.7 percent saying they have been cut significantly."

However, 65.2% of parents rated "Access to a full curriculum that includes the arts for every student" as "Extremely Important."  This ranked the highest on a list of potential concerns, above class sizes, more science/technology/engineering and math (STEM), strengthening teacher effectiveness or reducing the dropout rate.

The survey emphasizes the high priority Californians place on access to arts education within the public school system.  Creativity and innovation are integral to a 21st century skill set, and arts education is core curriculum for all grade levels statewide.  However, many students still lack equitable access to high-quality, sequential arts education. 

PTA leadership is working on a ballot initiative intended to restore funding to the areas identified by parents as primary concerns.  PTA president Carol Kocivar blogged on the 2012 intiative for the Silicon Valley Education Foundation; read more here.

For information on efforts to bring arts education to every student in Los Angeles County, please see the Los Angeles County Arts for All website

Click here to read highlights from the PTA survey findings (PDF).

Thank you for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing our survey and getting the word out about what matters most to parents. Alison apRoberts, Communications Manager, California State PTA.

Thanks, Alison!

We appreciate the comment.  Thank you for conducting the survey and disseminating the results!