Redistricting Update: Final LAUSD Public Meeting 2/29, City Map Adopted

Fri, 02/24/2012 - 12:05am

LA Redistricting After four months of public hearings across Los Angeles, The City of Los Angeles Redistricting Commission has adopted the Adjusted Draft Map and will present their city redistricting plan to the Los Angeles City Council in March.  The city council will review the adopted map and vote on the redistricting plan’s adoption.  To sign up for email updates from the City of Los Angles Redistricting Commission, please use this Link to their homepage and click the “subscribe to ENS” link on the left side.    

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is also going through a redistricting process to account for population changes. The LAUSD Redistricting Commission has been meeting with the public of each district as they created a new school district map.  There will be one more public meeting to announce the “presentation and adoption of report for final map”. 

This Special Meeting will be held on Feb. 29th at 6pm at the LAUSD Office, located at 333 s. Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles.  Childcare and refreshments will be provided by LAUSD.  In March, the LAUSD Redistricting Commission will present their proposal to the City Council, who will vote on the new school district plan’s adoption.  To sign up for email updates from the LAUSD Redistricting Commission, please use this Link to their homepage and click the “subscribe to ENS” link on the left side. 

These planning process are initiated every ten years after the results of the US Census data shows population growth or decreases in city, state and federal districts.  The boundaries of these districts are re-drawn in an effort to make districts "as equal in population as possible and practicable to that communities have equal access to political representation" (see Frequently Asked Questions on for more information).  The city districts are intended to preserve communities of interest, and consider geographic, street and political boundaries.  The school districts are intended to provide more equal distribution of families with school age children among the districts.


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Photo: LA Redistricting Meeting by Flickr user Cindy Marie Jenkins.  Creative Commons licensed for fair use.