Update on DCA Fund Allocation Issue

Mon, 05/03/2010 - 11:09am

Although the Budget & Finance Committee process is somewhat difficult to follow, Arts for LA will do our best to quickly provide a snapshot of what took place.

To get the full story, you can watch the hearing when it is posted at http://councilcommittee. lacity.org/budget/video.htm.

Here’s what we know in a nutshell:

There was no action taken by Budget & Finance during today’s hearing on the Department of Cultural Affairs Budget.

The over 550 letters generated within three hours sent a clear message to the Budget & Finance Committee Members, who gave the issue of grant fund allocation a thorough discussion period.

Although no action was taken, the Committee requested additional information on why allocations for Channel 36 were moved from Telecommunications to Cultural Affairs, and advised the CAO’s office to restore funding for Channel 36 to the appropriate source, which is the Telecommunications Fund.

The Committee briefly discussed the nonprofit lease subsidy issue, which they said will be addressed at an upcoming full City Council meeting.

At this moment, let’s keep sending a strong message to Budget & Finance to restore the full $415,000 to the DCA competitive grants program, honoring the peer panel review process and the equitable distribution of public funds.

Click here to send a letter now.

Huge thanks to Terence McFarland, Jeanette Watkins, Michael Alexander, John Gallogly, Mark Seldis, Janine Perron and Terry Wolverton for their time and effort in Council Chambers.