Update: SB789 Passes Out of Appropriations Committee

Tue, 01/17/2012 (All day)

CAAEThe California Alliance for Arts Education has reported that SB 789 (Price) has passed out of the Senate Appropriations Committee, the first step toward consideration by the full State Senate.  Over 589 advocates used CAAE's online action center to contact Senator Kehoe, Chair of the Appropriations Committee, to voice their support for the bill.

SB 789 (Price), sponsored by the California Alliance for Arts Education, would create an index to measure student opportunities for creativity and innovation in schools.

If passed, it would provide a tangible way to measure and inspire learning opportunities that nurture creativity and innovation in our public schools.

Currently, student and school evaluations are based solely on standardized tests. As educators, parents, artists and students we know there is more to academic success than bubble tests.

Research shows that arts education raises student achievement in all subjects, lowers dropout rates and nurtures confidence and creativity in young people. 

Nonprofit organizations,

Someone just called and asked if it was legal for a nonprofit to send Action Alerts to their network. 


It's a great question, and one that we get from time to time. Here's the answer:


Nonprofit organizations can advocate to legislators... you can take a poisition. In fact we encourage it.  It is also totally legal for you to send announcements about legislation to your networks - parents, supporters, board members etc. - the more the merrier. 


Nonprofits can't endorse a candidate or support a candidate running for any election.


Also, check to make sure your organization has submitted Form 501(h). This will increase your advocacy spending threshold from 10% to 20% of your budget. 


Check out our one-sheet on Advocacy Best Practices.  It's a great way to ensure your advocacy is effective.