Updated: Pomona Passes Public Art Ordinances

Mon, 12/05/2011 (All day)
Advocacy Team (if applicable): 

Updated Dec. 6th: The Pomona City Council passed the Public Art Ordinances in their second reading by a 6 to 1 vote.  Congratulations to the Pomona community.

Original article:  At 6:45pm on Monday, December 5th, the Pomona City Council has scheduled the Second Reading of the Public Art Ordinances that passed 5 to 2 on November 7th.  A "Second Reading" is standard protocol to prepare a bill for final passage, but local arts advocates are concerned by a Staff Report on the Public Art Ordinances that recommends the item for "further review."  This could delay passage of the final bill or cause it to enter another cycle of revisions. 

A coalition of Pomona-based artists is urging arts advocates who live in Pomona to contact council members today and ask them to pass these ordinances as they were passed on November 7th, without revision or further delay.  Contact information for the Pomona city council can be accessed here.

The first ordinance establishes a public art requirement for private developers and the second establishes guidelines for art in public places.  Pomona arts advocates worked on development of the ordinances for the past three years, with the goal of increasing the creation and accessibility of public art in Pomona. Supporters cite the role of public art in enhancing the vitality of a city, developing community pride and identity, and improving the general welfare and community life.

Pomona-based artist A.S. Ashley believes the Public Art Ordinances will play a major role in improving quality of life for Pomona citizens: "It is imperative that we impress our council members on the value of Public Art as a redevelopment tool; that the greatest deterrent to development in Pomona is our image, blighted neighborhoods and thoroughfares. We now have a great opportunity, through Public Art, to engage our city and its communities in a way we can all be proud of."

Arts for LA is currently developing a network of advocates in Pomona as a part of our Advocacy Team initiative.  For more information on this year's advocacy team activities and to sign up to participate, please click here

For more information on the Public Art policies, Arts for LA recommends the Daily Bulletin news story here.  For the language for the public art ordinances, please click here and view Page 10 of the document.