Open Call: Aggregate Animated Series

Aggregate Space Gallery

Oakland, CA

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at Aggregate Space Gallery (ASG). We are pleased to announce our Fifth Annual International Short Film Festival. In our ongoing effort to present unique and challenging art experiences to the public, ASG is proud to launch this continued celebration of non-commercial and experimental animation. Animation, as a subset within video art, is unique in its versatility as a communicative artform and its magical ability to place viewers inside adjacent realities. It is a medium without rules or restrictions, and its content can address ideas as simple or as complex as the animator intends.

We will be accepting films from 2 - 25 minutes of length in the categories of narrative and non-narrative. Animations of all styles, digital and analog, will be considered. Submissions are DUE JULY 25 / 11:59 PM PST. You will receive an email from our team regarding your submission in early August.
During the presentation of the program, audiences will be rating each film based on:
Most seductive
Best Technique
Best Sound Design
Best in Show

Each winner will be included in our award ceremony next to the juror’s awards for Narrative and Non-narrative films. This year, our Award Ceremony will take place either online or in-person and will include screenings of a film by each of the jurors, the viewer’s choice awards, and the juror’s top 2 films, and an honorable mention from each category. There will be an awards ceremony for the artists.

The films and their presenters will be publicly announced via social media once the decisions have been made. Also to be announced are the identities of the jurors, who will come from last year's Animation Festival winners scene. It's a short turnaround, so spread the word and get your submissions in ASAP.
There is a required submission fee of $20.


Contact Conrad Meyers at [email protected]

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