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Correlación Contemporánea Residency

Peruvian Andean Mountains


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Correlación Contemporánea is a Peruvian non-profit space dedicated to artistic self- management. One of its objectives is the exchange of experiences among students, young and professional artist, providing a platform for dialogue and conversation to stimulate new ideas and possibilities in the Peruvian art and culture. In addition, Correlación contemporánea aims to promote cultural exchange between national and international artists and craftsmen in order to generate intercultural artistic projects. Within these two lines of work Correlación contemporánea team created the residency programs to continue creating dialogues that connect different artistic expressions with the context.


Chacas Artist-in-residence Program

​The residency program "Chacas" is located in the Peruvian Andean mountain and welcomes visual artists, architects and other disciplines; national and international for the period of 3 weeks (21 days) to develop projects related to:

  • Geography: Peruvian Andean Mountains, white range - Cordillera Blanca,
  • Community: Don Bosco artisans, sacred art and Operazione Mato Grosso
  • Pre Columbian cultures: Chavin, Recuay, Wari.

The program aim to create a space for dialogue and exchange to promote production and research in geographical, social and historical aspects of Chacas city and Ancash region.


The residency is located in the Chacas district in the department of Áncash, at 3359 masl and 3 hours from Huaraz by car. Is one of  the most remote evidence of human presence in the Eastern Sierra Ancash, represented by the findings of caves and rock shelters prior to the Chavin culture. The ethnic group that was present in this place after the fall of the Chavin culture was the lordship of Huari.

The city is characterized for having remained unchanged over the original Andean-Andalusian architecture, with narrow streets, houses adorned with double water carved balconies and gates, made by craftsmen Don Bosco. Chacas appears surrounded by mountain ranges and the view of the snowy Ulta and Huascaran. Nowadays, the mixture of Peruvian and Italian work allows Chacas to enjoy an enviable multicultural potential worth knowing.

    How to get there:

  1. By air: Lima (LIM) - Anta, Comandante FAP Germán Arias Graziani airport (ATA)
  2. By land: Lima (LIM) - Huaraz - Chacas

➔      The residency will arrange one service of collection (one way) from Huaraz city free of charge. The road from Huaraz to Chacas city is approximately 3 hours, crossing the white mountain range. 

Disciplines and media

  • Visual Arts
  • Architecture
  • Other disciplines


  • 3 weeks (Residency period: November 6 - 27, 2017)

Number of residents

  • 11


Residency fee

  • 600 US$  

Payment method:

Western Union Money Transfer or Scotiabank transfer

1st installment (300 US$) October 15
2nd installment (300 US$) October 30

Fee covers:

  • Arrival transportation from Huaraz to Chacas city
  • Welcome session with traditional dinner.
  • Residency period accommodation (21 days/20nights) in Mirador de Chacas, a traditional house in front of the andean mountains with shared rooms.
  • Contact with the artisan studios.
  • Weekly meetings and talks organized by coordinators to exchange information and ideas about a proposed topic to strengthen projects.
  • The organization is committed to holding a group exhibitions that will show the artist-in-residence products in Huaraz city.
  • The AiR program will provide the cultural promotion for resident’s exhibition in social medias, national Tv and/or radio.
  • Invitation letters and certificates of participation to the participants will be extended.

Obligations of residents:

  • Residents should pay their air tickets, meals, art supplies and other expenses. 
  • The residents should cooperate in art and cultural programs/events organized by the residency.
  • The resident commits to develop the proposed project in the application form within the term of the residency program.
  • Residents must have the ability to adapt to a new cultural context and proposals to working conditions.
  • Ability to communicate in Spanish or English, if the resident needs translation service to communicate the organization is not responsible.
  • During the period, resident artists are prohibited from carrying contraband, flammable materials, explosives, and other hazardous items, and must comply with the regulations governing the use of sites, space or facilities. Individuals are expected to be responsible for themselves.
  • All participating residents must be self-sufficient and independent to carry out their project or research.


  1. Application form (find below)
  2. CV - Resume (one PDF file with: full name, education, recent exhibitions and work experience.)
  3. Portfolio (one PDF file or personal link, with: full name, statement and a minimum of 3 images of past works.)

These three files must be sent to [email protected] with subject: "AiR CHA 2017". The documentation must be enclosed in one email. The deadline is September 30, 2017. The organization will contact selected artist and projects from October 3, 2017.



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