Open Call: Programming Committee Spring/Summer 2019


Los Angeles, CA

Based in Los Angeles, NAVEL is a test site for community-driven projects, critical equitable practices, collaborative learning and kinship.

Through a range of events, performances, exhibitions, screenings, talks, and working groups, NAVEL creates a space where individuals come together to share the knowledge, skills, and volition necessary to find novel ways to organize, distribute resources, impact and bridge communities.

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Every six months, NAVEL public programming’s focus and goals are set forth by a committee elected by members of the NAVEL Collective.

Next Term: Mid-November 2018 - April 2019
Programming Season Dates: End of March - Beg of July 2019

Everyone, from all disciplines, is invited to apply regardless of your level of expertise and experience. Note that the Collective Members have expressed a need for committee members that are from the local community, marginalized communities, as well as individuals with backgrounds and/or practice engaging with activism, restorative justice and direct actions.

Before applying, please make sure to review all the information about the committee with special attention to the degree of commitment it represents:

Interested applicants can voice their interest in being considered for the next programming committee at NAVEL by either signing up to present on November 8 or submitting a video of themselves by Nov 4 2018 at midnight.

On November 8, we will host an event at the space for those who would like to present in person. We will also screen the videos received. If you are submitting a video, you are not expected to attend the event on November 8.

Five applicants will be elected through a vote by the members of the NAVEL Collective and their decision will be announced on November 16 2018. Note that the first programming committee meeting will be held the following Monday evening on November 19.

Your video or presentation should include the following:

- Duration: MAX 5 minutes (File size: MAX 100mb)
- short personal introduction about your background and experience
- If you don’t live in LA, how do you imagine being involved?
- Why do you care about the mission of NAVEL?
- Why you want to take part in the committee?
- Initial Ideas (if you have any, this is not mandatory)

Note that we are not expecting anything more than a simple, one take, video of yourself using the camera on your computer. However, you are not limited to this format if you would like to do something else.

*If you encounter any type of difficulty with the recording/resizing of your video, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]. We are also available to help you with the recording of the video at NAVEL if needed during opening hours (M-F 10AM-6PM).

To submit your videos, please follow the link:

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