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Social Art International Artist Call

In the latest issue of Murze we have launched artist calls that focus on artists response to the political sphere and Climate Change, it seems fitting that Social Art or community lead art should follow these topics.


Social art referring to the work of artists that use their skills to help promote and improve communities or affect social change. This is precisely what we are looking for, not genre or medium specific but artists who use their practice to better and strengthen community ties. (Any medium will be accepted, artwork that represents a community, or engages the community.)


In an age where community seems at the back of public agenda, and where the introduction of the smartphone and social media have toar apart conventional social norms, belittling physical conversation and creating a life lived through a screen we want to focus our attention on artwork that strengthens constructive public discourse.


A good example is Grayson Perry, whose work is constantly focused on people, dissecting British "prejudices, fashions and foibles", using tapestry and pottery to create works that focus on challenges in society and pieces that serve as a representation of the time. Or street artists using their work to engage their community, breathing life back into the streets - for example the macro mural, painted on Palmitas district in Mexico covering 209 houses and bringing the community together to get involved in the project, or Banksy using his work to highlight socio-political issues.


  • Non-refundable submission fee of £8

  • Deadlines for entry is the 10th May 2019

  • There are no other entry requirements, this submission is open to all.


To sum up Murze is seeking community focused art and artists to be featured in issue six, coming out in May/ June. Selected artists will have their work featured in the magazine, along with texts about them and their work, all in aid of promoting social art and the important work these artists do in affecting change and bettering cultural diversity for society.


For more information and to enter head to our website -

Colour International Artist Call

To roll in the summer, in style we are looking for artists and photographers whose work breaths colour and imagination. We are asking artists to submit a portfolio of up to six images that reflects the spirit and celebration that summer, love and colour bring.


Issue six (May/ June) will signal the beginning of summer, and we are after artwork that will express the summer vibe, exploring the freshness and beauty of nature, the hot sun in the sky and the happiness and good times that follow. We are looking for works in a variety of mediums, though painting and photography is preferable that celebrate the beauty and colour of our planet.


Work entered to this project will be featured in issue six, across our website and social media. Artists may send in a portfolio of up to six images.


  • Non refundable admission fee of £8

  • Deadlines for entry is the 20th May 2019

  • There are no other entry requirements, this competition is open to all.


Selected artists will receive feedback and exposure both online and in issue six. The portfolios sent in will be reviewed, a selection of artists will be featured in the magazine. All work entered to this project will be featured in an online portfolio on our website after the launch of issue six.


For more information and to enter head to our website -

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