Open Call: Videography Manifestos

Floating Projects Collective 

In collaboration with the Hong Kong-based artist collective Floating Projects (, we are seeking manifestos from artists working in video. 
The Manifesto series on videography, launched in 2016, is a project initiated by research-based interdisciplinary artist, Dr. Linda Chiu-han Lai, to encourage re-purposing of videography in a time when image-making tools are ubiquitous. Videography highlights “writing” with moving images; and writing asserts the proactive insertion of our subjectivities into our contemporary society of discipline and control. We want to gather self-directed, diligent videographers to have rigorous dialogues and become a theorist of their own practice.
The book will be titled, "Videography. Documentary Impulses. Our Manifesto." It will focus on our desires to remember and to make a record of what happened, as well as our faith in the magical nature of visual evidence. The bilingual book with DVD will be published by Floating Projects in August 2020. 
Materials to submit:
1. A manifesto in point form with an annotation/essay elaboration (500-1000 words)
2. 1-2 video works illustrating the writing
3. A short biography (100-150 words)
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: May 15, 2019 11:59pm PST
Please send all questions to: [email protected]

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