An Open Letter to Policymakers & Grant Makers

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Arts Advocates --

We must take swift action to support the vital artists and organizations devastated by the COVID-19 outbreak. Join Arts for LA by co-signing this open letter calling on policymakers & grant makers to:

  • Include artists and arts organizations in relief and recovery funds

  • Provide publicly-backed emergency grants and interest free loans to artists and nonprofit arts organizations 

  • Create protections & provide immediate support for the contract workers that make up over half of Southern California’s creative sector

  • Pool relief funds for artists and arts organizations among philanthropic foundations 

  • Relax grantee requirements/deliverables now unmeetable due to outbreak 

  • Increase unrestricted, flexible funding by public and private grant makers to allow small & mid sized organizations to adapt to evolving situations


View the letter above, and scroll to the bottom to sign on with your name and organization.
You can also download the full letter by clicking here.





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24th Street Theatre, Jay McAdams
3B Collective, Oscar Magallanes
826LA, Joel Arquillos
A Noise Within , Susan Angelo
A Noise Within, Michael Bateman
A Place Called Home, Jewel Delegall
Actor/Filmmaker, Xiomara Ortiz
Actors and Other Performers, Shaina Hammer
Actors' Gang, Inc., Monica Harte
Adam's Forge , Heather McLarty
Alternative Field, Jessica Ceballos y Campbell
American Museum of Ceramic Art, Beth Ann Gerstein
American Museum of Ceramic Art, Beth Ann Gerstein
Amy Coney Art, Amy Coney
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Armory Center for the Arts, Leslie A. Ito
Art Share Los Angeles, Cheyanne Sauter
Art2Edu, Natalie Rachel Benamou
artEquity, Carmen Morgan
Artist & Arts Organization , Ron Cohen
Artist, Alexa Eisner
Artist, Howard Spector
Arts for LA, Gustavo Herrera
Association of California Symhony Orchestras, Sarah Weber
Ate9 Dance Compnay, Catharine Soros
Author, Laura Diamond
B.R.I.D.G.E Theatre Project, B.R.I.D.G.E Theatre Project
bardoLA, Elizabeta Betinski
Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, Quentin Ring
Brockus Project Dance Company / Los Angeles Dance Festival , Deborah Brockus
CAP UCLA, Geena Russo
CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment), Michelle Sugihara
CARLON, Jay Carlon
Center Theatre Group, Meghan Pressman
Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre, Chard Gonzalez
Children's Book Writers of Los Angeles, Nutschell Anne Winsdor
City Ballet of Los Angeles (CBLA), Robyn Gardenhire
City Garage (The Aresis Ensemble Inc), Charles Duncombe
City Garage Theater, Frédérique Michel
Colibrí Entertainment Inc. , Suzanne Garcia
Conga Kids, Natalie Marrero
Conga Kids, Natalie Marrero
Cornerstone Theater Company, Megan Wanlass
Corniche Entertainment, Mark Miller
Creative Cabal, Lanha Hong
Culture Shock LA, Brian Chen
Culture Shock Los Angeles,
Culture Shock Los Angeles, Caitlin Estudillo
Culture Shock Los Angeles, Jeffrey Rattanong
Culture Shock Los Angeles, Sonia Park
Dancer, Marcella Raya
Dehnert Law, PC, David Dehnert
Donna Sternberg & Dancers, Donna Sternberg
Dream A World Education, Bunny Hull
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East West Players, Albert E. Aubin
Education Through Music-Los Angeles, Jacquie Henderson
Enrichment Works, Donna Wood-Babcoc
Everybody Dance Now! Inland Empire Chapter, Nathieli Diaz
Everyday Arts Inc., Eric Booth
Extra Ancestral, Rachel Hernandez
Film Gals, Sandra Varona
Film Independent, Josh Welsh
Flights of Fantasy Story Theatre, Lorrie Oshatz
FLOAT.LAND, Kate Parsons
Floricanto Dance Theatre, Gema Sandoval
Fountain Theatre, Barbara Goodhill
Fountain Theatre, Roy Abramsohn
Fountain Theatre, Stephen Sachs
Fulcrum Arts, Robert Crouch
Galerie Lakaye, Carine F Giacomine
Generation Hip Hop Global, Carmelo Alvarez
Girl Empowerment LA, Amy Phillips
Glendale Youth Orchestra, Mara S. Kelly
Grand Performances, Mari Riddle
Grand Vision Foundation , Liz Johnson
Grand Vision Foundation, Joselyn Wilkinson
Green Communications Initiative and the Mar Vista Music & Art Walk, Lenore French
Greenway Arts Alliance,
Harvey Kaner Creative, Harvey Kaner
Haven Academy of the Arts, Rebekah Kellaway
Hermosa Beach Volleyball Club, Robert Ballentine
Highways Performance Space and Gallery, Leo Garcia
Inside Out Writers, Prison Insight Program, Roberta Villa
Inspiration House, Peter J. Harris
Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Anne Ellegood
Invertigo Dance Theatre, David Mack
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Kaya Press, J Randhawa
LA Commons, Karen mack
LA Dance Chronicle, Jeff Slayton
LA Follies, Colette Brandenburg
La Gloria Productions, Joseph Walker
LA STAGE Alliance , Michaela Bulkley
Las Fotos Project, Eric V. Ibarra
LAUNCH Productions, Inc, James Panozzo, Executive Director
Laura Wagner photo LA , Laura Wagner
Libros Schmibros , David Kipen
Little Tokyo Community Council, Douglas Aihara
LogicINK, Matthew Hill
Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers, Louise Reichlin aka Desio
Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers, Louise Reichlin aka Desio
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts Foundation, Jeffrey Dollinger
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Los Angeles Dance Festival / Brockus Project Dance Company, Deborah Brockus
Los Angeles International Music and Arts Academy, meena patil
Make Music Los Angeles , Dorsay Dujon
Malibu arts Foundation , L Cherin
MKM Bollystars Dance Company, Shivani Thakkar
Modern Pirate Artist Brands, Justin McCormack
Mojacar contemporary music and dance, Katerina Tomás
Nancy Evans Dance Theatre, Nancy Evans Doede
NAVEL, Amanda Vincelli
NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA), Larry Laboe
Nightfall Pictures, Josephina Sykes
NM Photography, Inc, Nicole Maloney
Now Art LA
Nueva Vision Community School, Joel Valle
olive47, ryan campbell
Orange County Equality Coalition, Felicity Figueroa
Oxy Arts , Meldia Yesayan
P.S. ARTS, Dr. Kristen Paglia
Pablo Aguilar Photography, Pablo Aguilar
Pacific Chorale, Andrew Brown
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Pacific Resident Theater, John Montgomerie
Pacific Resident Theater, Kristian Kordula
pacific resident theater, lenny levitsky
Pacific Resident Theater, Tom Paris
Pacific Resident Theatre , Kristina Harrison
Pacific Resident Theatre , Marwa Bernstein
Pacific Resident Theatre Co., Venice, Ca., Kevin Kilner
Pacific Resident Theatre Company, Brad Greenquist
Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice,Ca, Dennis Madden
Pacific Resident Theatre, Ann Mulally
Pacific Resident Theatre, Billy Brown
Pacific Resident Theatre, BRUCE NOZICK
Pacific Resident Theatre, Cori Allison
Pacific Resident Theatre, Dana Jackson
Pacific Resident Theatre, Daniel OConnor
Pacific Resident Theatre, Greer Sinclair
Pacific Resident theatre, jeff lorch
pacific resident theatre, joseph lemieux
Pacific Resident Theatre, Lisa Barnes
Pacific Resident Theatre, Lois Olsen
Pacific resident theatre, Mariah Shirley
Pacific Resident Theatre, Michael Tulin
Pacific Resident Theatre, Nancy Linehan Charles
Pacific resident theatre, Rita Obermeyer
pacific resident theatre, sharron shayne
Pacific Resident Theatre, Sharron Shayne
Pacific Resident THeatre, Tom McDermott
Pasadena Conservatory of Music, Stephen McCurry
Pavlovic, Gordana
Performing Arts Facilities Planning, Victor Gotesman
Peter Smith Impressions, Peter Smith
Piano Spheres, Heidi Lesemann
Piece by piece , Jose
Playwrights' Arena, Inda Craig-Galván
Playwrights' Arena, Jon Lawrence Rivera
Plaza de la Raza, Maria Jimenez-Torres
Poets & Writers, Inc., Jamie Asaye FitzGerald
Portside Pictures, LLC, Anna Laclergue
Portside Pictures, LLC, Elliot Holland
producer/writer/actor, stephanie sanditz
Project X Foundation for Art & Criticism, Shana Lutker
PRT, Jenelle Krissel
Public Matters, Mike Blockstein
Puttin' on Productions, Robin Garfield
Rachel Rosenthal Company, Kate Noonan
RD White Designs/Fine Art, Roland White
redbar, David Etzen
Remainders Creative Reuse, Robin Cox
Riverside Art Museum, Drew Oberjuerge
Riverside ARts Academy, collette lee
Rock the Boat Collective, Thea Mercouffer
Rogue Artists Ensemble, Sean Cawelti
San Fernando Valley Youth Chorus, Sue Saper
Santa Monica Symphony , Eliza Kinney
Sara Daleiden Consulting, Sara Daleiden
Sarah Elgart | Arrogant Elbow, Sarah Elgart
Screamfest Horror Film Festival, Rachel Belofsky
Screamfest Horror Film Festival, Rachel Belofsky
Self Help Graphics & Art, Betty Avila
Self-employed artist, Lawrence Lebo
Self-employed film producer, Kseniya Yorsh
Show Box L.A., Meg Wolfe
Sierra Madre Playhouse, Estelle Campbell
Sills/Spolin Theater Works, Aretha Sills
Sky High Industries , Lenox Knight
Soi Studio, Okan Isik
Soi Studio, Serra Isik
Speak L.A., Camille Thornton-Alson
Spirit Awakening Foundation, Akuyoe Graham
St. Elmo Village, Jacqueline Alexander-Sykes
Stay Woke or Not, Dahlia Turnbull
Suarez Dance Theater, Christine Suarez
Subway Token Films, Inc., Liza Fernandez
Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, Mitch Glickman
The Actors' Gang, Monica Harte
The Beauty Alchemist, Shannon Tackett
The Broad Stage,
The Costume House, Shon LeBlanc
The Fountain Theatre, Simon Levy
The Fountain, France-Luce Benson
The Leela Institute, Monika Ramnath
The Music Circle, VR Venkataraman
The New American Theatre, Jeannine Wisnosky
The Open Fist Theatre Company, Martha Demson
The ParentingOurParents Foundation, Jane Wolf Frances
The Residency Project, Sarah Umles
The Road Theatre Company, Taylor Gilbert
The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, Melissa Denton
Theatre 40, David Hunt Stafford
Theatre 40, Jean Mackie
Theatre 40, Leda Siskind
Theatre 40, Roslyn Cohn
TheatreFlux, susan suntree
TheatreFlux, susan suntree
Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation, Christian Wolf
Twainmania Foundation, Brad Koepenick
Urban Voices Project, Leeav Sofer
Urban Voices Project, Nicole Wallens
Vena Vena Handcrafted, Lavena y
Venice Art Crawl, Sunny Bak
Vicarious Films, Dawn Alden
Victory Theatre, Rogue Machine Theatre, Annoyance Theatre, Actors Studio LA/NY, Pacific Resident Theatre , Marshall McCabe
Visual Communications Media, Francis Cullado
Visual Terrain, Inc., David Green
Viver Brasil Dance Company , Daniela Hernandez
Viver Brasil, Linda Yudin
WHAT'S THE STORY? STUDIO LA, stacie chaiken
White Tiger Entertainment, Joanna Lipari
Whittier Art Gallery , Lisa Ruiz
Women's Center For Creative Work, Sarah Williams
Wookey Works, Sara Wookey
Young Musicians Foundation, Walter Zooi
Young Storytellers , Bill Thompson

*Title for identification purposes only

A.L. Hern
Aaron Sandnes, Aaron sandnes *
Abelardo De La Peña Jr, LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes *
Aili Schmeltz, visual artist & teacher*
Alanna Swovelin
Albert Meijer, Jr., Center Theatre Group*
Alex Herrington
Alex Morales
Alexander Edelman, Freelance*
Alicia Underwood , Actress*
Alie Kadlac, Venice Community Housing*
Allison Agsten, Independent Arts Organizer*
Allison Powell , Independent producer *
Allison Wyper
Alpha Blair
Alyssa Bierce
Ambika Leigh
Amelia Iannaccone
Amorette Crespo
Amy Aquino, Arts for LA*
Amy Chang, Culture Shock Los Angeles*
Amy Cheung Von Haam
Ana Lydia Monaco, Ana Lydia Productions*
Ana Pepe, Urban Voices Project*
Ana, Prophetic Torch*
Andre Miripolsky, artist*
Andrea Jok
Andrea Lofthouse Quesada, Alhambra Unified School District *
Andrea Lopez, Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural*
Andrew Cheeseman, Angel City Chorale*
Andrew Hartwell, UCLA's Center For The Art of Performance*
Andrew Pearson, The LEAP Program*
Ann Fuller
Anna Ayeroff
Anna Nicholas
Annais Linares
Anne Schoenberg, Mrs.*
Anne Shah, LA Commons*
Annette Johnson
Annie Azzariti, Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District*
Anthony Foux, pacific resident theatre*
Anthony Portillo
April Adams , New American Theatre *
Ari Simon
Arianna Lee
Arianne Neumark
Ariel Pittman, Vielmetter Los Angeles*
Art Mortimer, artist*
Artistcarolejmccoy , Artist / ArtsAdvocate @ArtsTallk *
Ashley Henley Chase, Puttin On Productions*
Atika Greene, SAGAFTRA*
Audrey Chan
Aurora Anaya-Cerda
Aurora Tang, The Center for Land Use Interpretation*
Ava Bogle, Geffen Playhouse*
Ava Friedman
Aycil Yeltan
Barbara Barbick , Retired *
Barbara Margolies Was
Beatrice Casini
Belle Jessen
Benina Stern
Benjamin Karasik, Glendale Arrs*
Beth Lopes, New Swan Shakespeare Festival*
Betsy Richards, 1953*
Bev Meyer, 1947*
Bill Kramer, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures*
Birgitta Wohl
Brandon Leong, Culture Shock Los Angeles*
Brenda Weisman, individual*
Brent Beath
Brian Biery, Collaborate PASadena*
Brian Finney
Brian K Mitchell
Brian Kite
Brian Letscher, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Brian Pope
Brittany Delany
Cacia Lacount
Caitlin Moss, Department of Cultural Affairs*
Cameron Gilliam
Carla Contreras Cabrera, Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles *
Carla Jackson
Carol S. Eliel, LACMA (for identification purposes only)*
Carol Zou
Carole Lee Walsh Rn (Retired), AUDIENCE MEMBER*
Carole Taub
Carole Weyers
Carolina Hoyos
Catherine Leorisa, LMS Studios, Inc*
Catherine Scott Burriss , Cal State Channel Islands*
Charlene Knowlton, Ms.*
Charles Jensen, UCLA Extension Writers' Program*
Cheng-Chieh Yu, UCLA*
Cheryl Mollicone
Chris Digiovanni
Christen Sottolano, Ray of Light Theatre*
Christopher D Lee
Christy Rials
Chuck Loch, SAG-AFTRA, WGA*
Chuong T. Bui, Counsel for Creators LLP*
Colin Takahashi
Connie Martin Trevino, Individual *
Connie Raya
Cordelia Istel, Arts for LA*
Corinne Bohrer , Actress *
Cornelia Emerson, N/A*
Corrina Peipon, Independent Artist, Curator, and Consultant*
Curtis Cronthall
Cybele Garcia Kohel, City of Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission*
Cynthia Aguilar, 826LA*
Cynthia Labarre, Los Angeles Art Association*
Daisy Hernandez
Dan Cole, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Dan Isaacs
Dan Kwong, Great Leap Inc.*
Dana Hargrave, Los Cancioneros Master Chorale*
Daniel Bouskila
Daniel Holschneider, University of Southern California*
Daniel M. Mayeda, East West Players*
Daniel R. Small
Daniel Rosenblatt
Daniel Rothman
Daniel Saxon
Daniel Villa
Daryl Keighley
Dave Etterbeek, Afm 47*
Daveda Shapiro
David And Mary Jo Volk
David Nichols , WGA West *
David Valdez, LA Resident*
David Westbay, Theatre 40*
Debbie Ortiz , The Lineage Performing Arts Center*
Deborah K Gauthier, Artist*
Debra Kay Lee
Debra Vilinsky
Dency L Nelson
Dennis Hicks & Stephanie Waxman
Diahann Mccrary, self*
Diana Buckhantz, Vladimir and Araxia Buckhantz Foundation*
Don Boyle
Don Matso, Arts / Theatre Patrol*
Donald L. Zachary, The Fountain Theatre*
Dorothy Wolpert
Dr. Diana Mcconnell
Dr. Margaret Phillips, Fountain Theatre Board Member*
Eboni Robinson, Film Independent*
Edda Spielmann
Edie Beaucage, Contemporary Painter*
Edith De La Cruz
Edward Landler, Mr.*
Edward Landler, Mr.*
Edwin Woll, TWG Architects Inc*
Elaine Kramer And Al Latham, Pasadena residents who donate to numerous arts institutions*
Elana Mann, Self employed*
Eldon Cline
Eliane Gans
Eliza Agudelo, Non - union*
Elizabeth Dellorusso
Elizabeth Mckinstry
Emily Jerez
Eric Nord
Erin Acain, Independent Shakespeare Company*
Erin Alford
Erin Muir, Sag aftra, ascap, aea, independent artist *
Erin Soares, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Esteban Schimpf
Eszter Zakarias, Iatse 871 Union *
Eugene Hutchins, Barak Ballet*
Felicia Rosenfeld, Arts for LA & Dance Resource Center*
Fred Frumberg, Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA*
Gail Buchalter
Gail Lopes, National Council, Theatre Communications Group*
Gary Kaskel, playwright*
Gene Meyers
Geri-Ann Galanti, Subscriber to Pacific Resident Theater*
Gina Baffo
Greg Johnson, Arts council for long beach*
Gwynne Garfinkle
Hanna Grinberg
Hanna Zylberberg
Hannah Waldman , Long Beach opera*
Heather Powell
Hector Rodriguez, Pasadena Playhouse*
Helen Alonzo, Las Fotos Project*
Helen Telanoff
Henry Navarrete
Hilary Prentice
Horacio Romer, Pacific Resident Theatre *
Ingrid Mueller,*
Isabel Vondermuhll, Miami City Ballet*
J Michael Walker, Visual arftist, Author*
J. C. Atkin
Jack Needleman
Jack Stehlin, The New American Theatre*
Jaclyn Chu, Culture Shock Los Angeles*
Jacob Krieger, Freelancer *
Jacob Zelonky
Jacquie Nemor
Jade Partain, Los Angeles Unified School District*
Jaime Reed, Turnaround Arts: California*
Jaime Saginor, Writer/Actress/Producer and Health Coach*
James Gallo
James Harper, Fountain Theatre*
James P. Higgins
James Ventura
Jamie And Lane Ashley, - None -*
Jamie, Msmu*
Jan Breslauer
Janelle Ketcher, UCLArts & Healing*
Janet Chapman
Janna Zinzi
Jason Downs, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Jason Hecht, Angel City Chorale*
Jason Zelin , Sheppard Mullin*
Jay Bevan
Jean Gilpin
Jennie Seidewand
Jennie Webb
Jennifer Eard
Jennifer Edwards, Fountain Theatre and Skylight Theatre*
Jennifer Parsons
Jennifer Sorenson, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Jerri Allyn, Artist Educator *
Jess V. Castillo
Jesse Mendoza, Teacher*
Jessica Hanna
Jesus A. Reyes
Jhani Randhawa, Kaya Press*
Jim Mcclure
Joanna Lipari, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Joey Mason
Johanna Middleton, Greenway Arts Alliance*
Johanne Preciado
John Goldenberg
John P. Connolly, SAG/AFTRA (President AFTRA 2001-07); Actors' Equity (CEO 2007-10)*
Jon Johannessen
Jon Monastero
Joni And Miles Benickes
Jose Lopez, USA 829 & Educare Foundation*
Joseph Masiero
Joseph Ostroy
Joshua Bitton
Joyce Bentley
Joyce Dallal, Artist and Educator*
Joyce Kwon
Judith Schipper
Judith Teitelman
Judy Branfman, SycamoreCity Productions*
Judy Metter, Title**
Julia Sanford
Julie Yeo
Julienne Mackey, Brockus Project Dance Company*
Julyah Rose, Model/ Actress*
Kamella Tate
Karen Merchant-Yates, Renaissance Arts Academy*
Karen Moss, USC Roski School of Art and Design*
Karen Safer, ArtFocus International *
Kat Green
Kateri Lirio
Katharine Dreyfuss
Kathryn Carner, The Actors' Gang *
Kathryn Kert Gree
Katy Downing, PRT*
Kc Buller
Kelsey Meyer
Kendra Munger , Actor*
Kenji Liu
Kenneth Belsky
Kent Shinomae, Culture Shock Los Angeles*
Kim Allen-Niesen
Kim Benson
Kim Turner, exquisite corpse art collective*
Kristin Aldrich
Kristy Edmunds, Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA*
L. Silton
Lara Schilling
Larry Nemecek
Laura Faye Smith
Laura Meisel
Laura Recchi
Lauren Molina, natural history museum of los angeles county*
Laurie Yehia
Lawrence Watts, Encore South Bay + multiple others*
Leah Gallegos, Freelance *
Leean Lantos
Leigh Kavanaugh
Leni Boorstin
Lesley Fera
Leslie Tamaribuchi , LA Commons*
Leticia Lenoir
Leticia Velasquez
Lilly Zhou
Linda De Vries, None*
Linda Fleischman
Liz Glynn
Lois R Fishman, Fountain Theatre*
Lora Cawelti
Lorraine Caukin, Pacific Symphony*
Lucas Morin, Burbank Music Academy*
Luz Rodriguez, Lincoln Heights Youth Arts Center, City of Los Angeles Department Cultural Affairs*
Lynn Balsamo
Lynn Jeffries
Lynn West, Mrs.*
Mara E. Palma, Center Theatre Group*
Marc-David Freed
Marcia Firesten, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Marcia Seligson,*
Margaret Starbuck
Maria Paredes
Mariann Santora , Angel City Chorale *
Marina Heintze
Marina Santana
Mark Beall , Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles *
Mark Freund, Deaf West Theatre*
Mark Reback
Mark Slavkin, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts*
Marnechia Alexander
Marsha Oskey , 47*
Martha Galaif
Mary Marlow
Maryam Hosseinzadeh
Maryjane, pacificresidenttheatre*
Matt Gottlieb, Pacific ResidentTheatre*
Matt Gottlieb, Pacific ResidentTheatre*
Matt Kirkwood, Independent Artist*
Matt Mckenzie, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Matt Warren, Mr.*
Matthew Hancock
Matthew L. Segotta Bfa, Mfa, American Legacy Fine Art, California Art Club & Art Center College of Design*
Matthew Lax
Melanie Cretens
Melba Martinez
Melissa Bales
Melissa Bales, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Melissa Hubbert
Melissa Phillips
Michael Allen Angel
Michael Buccat
Michael Crane, The Broad Stage*
Michael Melnick, USC*
Michael Olivares
Michael Prichard, Pacific Resident Theatre, Rogue Machine Theatre*
Michael Rothhaar, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Michael Sopher
Michelle Dyrness
Michelle Espinosa Coulter , META HOUSING CORPORATION*
Michelle Kholos Brooks, Playwright*
Miriam Faugno, Dr. (Ms.)*
Miriam Levy
Miriam Meyer, Mrs.*
Mitch Holden , Pacific Resident Theatre *
Monica Fernandez
Monique Edwards
Myron Meisel
Nan Mcnamara,*
Nancy Keystone
Nancy Wilding
Natalie Jackson, Greenway Arts Alliance*
Nathalie Sanchez, Art Education + Social Justice Book Club*
Nelo Butler, William James Association *
Nicole Rademacher
Nina Crowe, Glendale Arts*
Nina Sallinen, The Road Theatre Company*
Noah Youngelson
Norm Garr, Jewish Federation of Los Angeles*
Norman Zafman
Ochia Gutierrez , PRT*
Oren Zoldan, Self Employed Artist*
Osbourne Mcintosh
Pat Warner, N/A*
Patricia Trujillo
Patrisha Thomson , Arts for LA; Arts and Healing Initiative*
Patty Cornell, Theatre of Note*
Pearl Karon
Philip Cass, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Pilar Gallego
Preston Frazier
Rachel Moore, The Music Center*
Rachelle Samson
Randi Steinberger, ICA LA*
Rasha Mohamed
Raymond Ejiofor
Rebecca Catterall, Ms.*
Rebecca Niederlander, Self*
Rebecca Tuynman, Ryman Arts*
Ria Dasgupta, The Leela Dance Collective*
Ricka Fisher
Rina Mehta, The Leela Institute *
Rita Streimer
Rob Nagle
Robbie Trombetta , Retired music teacher*
Robert Aronson
Robert Bailey, USC School of Dramatic Arts*
Robert Ditillio, DiTillio Acting*
Robert Meier, SagAftra*
Robert Weibezahl
Robin Becker
Robin Becker, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Robin Meyers, Margie Haber Studio*
Roelina Berst, an individual*
Ron Javorsky
Ronald Smith, South Bay Chamber Music Society*
Rosa & Lawrence Goldstein
Rosalida Medina, Viver Brasil *
Rosalilia M. Mendoza, Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural & Bookstore*
Roseann Herman & Mayer Davidson
Roses Prichard, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Rosie Lee Hooks, Watts Towers Arts Ctr Campus, Dept of Cultural Affairs*
Rudy Melendez
Rush Varela
Ruth Artman Breindler
Ruth Eliel, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra/The Industry/Antaeus*
Sally Lamb, NONE*
Sandra Berens
Sandra Cutuli
Sandy Stenzel
Sara Murdock, Safe Place for Youth*
Sarah Boehmke
Sarah Kay Peters, Rogue Artists Ensemble*
Sarah Minwalla
Sarah Shoup , Personal*
Sarah Wass
Satiar Pourvasei, Pacific Resident Theatre and Actors Equity*
Scott Harrison, Indepented Arts Consultant in Los Angeles*
Sehba Sarwar
Seth Levy
Shana Mathur
Sharon Rosner
Sharon Rosner, AEA, SAG-AFTRA*
Sharon Toriello
Shelagh Mcfadden, Ms.*
Shelly Kurtz
Shirley Palomino, Salutation**
Sibyl Omalley, Artist at large*
Sonia Mak
Stephanie S., Sevlynn Photography*
Steve Spiro , -YYYY-*
Steven Wong
Sue Fink, Angel City Chorale *
Susan L. Foster
Susan Monaster, Pacific Resident Theater*
Susan Segal, Stage manager*
Susanne Spira
Suzann Toni
Suzanne Jurmain
Suzanne Smart, SAG-AFTRA*
Tania Verafield, artist*
Tara Norris
Tatiana Vahan
Terry Davis, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Terry Wolverton, Writers At Work*
Thomas Weitz
Timothy Wilson
Toby G. Bernstein, The Fountain Theatre & The Dramatists Guild*
Toby Tannenbaum
Tom Freyer, Self*
Tom Hymes, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Trang Tran
V. Crain
Valentina Quezada
Valerie Dillman, Pacific Resident Theatre*
Velina Hasu Houston, N/A*
Vicki Dunn
Vickie Rozell
Victor Anthony
Vince Melocchi
W. Lynch
Warren Adler
Warren Davis
Wendy Miller
Whitney Wakimoto, TheatreWorkers Project*
William Ramirez
Winifred Neisser, Angel City Chorale*
Zoe Appleby
Zoe Rappaport