Organizing a Meeting

Meeting with a Board Member How-To: 

  1. Use the Arts for LA website and your other networks to organize a small group of parents and students (3-5).  Organize an in-person or phone meeting to plan an agenda and roles for the meeting.
  2. Set up a meeting with your district's Board Member. Ask to hold the meeting in the district.  To find your district, check out the map at  
  3. Prepare your talking points.  Make sure to keep the message positive.  Some key points to include will be:
    • Thank the board for their commitment to arts education over the past ten years.
    • Let them know that all children deserve a high-quality and complete education and that arts education is a key part of that.
    • Tell them a personal story about what arts education has meant for you and your child.
    • Ask them where they stand on the issue and what we can do to further make our case.
  4. Bring any relevant materials.  These might include a copy of the District's arts education policy, a letter, or some samples of student artwork.
  5. Depending on how much time you have, take the time to ask questions of your Board member.  Does he/she have any experience with arts education? What are some of the options they are looking at right now as they prepare to make cuts?
  6. After the meeting, take a group picture with your Board member and send it to Arts for LA so that we can post it on our site and build momentum for our campaign. 

For tips on working with public officials and engaging in positive advocacy, click here.