Performing Arts Program Coordinator I

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

Salary Range $52,743 – $77,131

Cultural Affairs


The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) is offering an emergency appointment opportunity to employees who meet the bulletin requirements for Performing Arts Program Coordinator I, Code 2430-1, and take the Performing Arts Program Coordinator examination. The job opening is assigned to the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, in Barnsdall Art Park, located at 4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles.


Emergency Appointment - The Rules of the Board of Civil Service Commissioners define an emergency appointment as a temporary assignment to a position made in accordance with City Charter Section 1013 (a) and (b). The appointment is authorized until a civil service eligible list is established for that particular job classification, but for no longer than one year. The appointment must be terminated when a regular appointment can be made from the eligible list to a permanent position of half time or more.


Position Overview

The Performing Arts Program Coordinator I will be a pro-active and collaborative member of the Performing Arts (PERF) leadership team based at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in East Hollywood. This position will serve as the Venue Manager of the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre and will be the primary point of contact for all management and aesthetic-related oversight of the venue which includes the Barnsdall Theatre auditorium, lobby, backstage areas, storage spaces and equipment. This position is also responsible for professionally  negotiating contracts and rental agreements, tracking and processing all finances and payments, sourcing and supervising full-time and part-time staffs, managing payroll, coordinating the assessment, maintenance and repair of the physical plant and theatrical equipment, including renovations; planning, identifying and developing new rental income opportunities, partnerships and collaborations; achieving rental/ticket fee income goals; contributing to the PERF fundraising efforts and deeply engaging with the community, as the “public face” of  PERF and the DCA. Some nights and weekends at the venue are required. The Venue Manager will be the point person for building and maintenance requests, ADA compliance, tenant agreements, vendor relationships, and restoration / renovation requests.


This position is tasked with maximizing venue use, which can include 200+ rental agreements and 400+ events annually, plus a multitude of ongoing meetings and communication with stakeholders and potential clients/renters including commercial rentals and film and television location shoots.  This position will support future DCA Performing Arts programmatic use of the spaces including grant-funded projects, festivals, artist residencies, lobby art installations, and other DCA and Council District/City related uses.


This position and venue is uniquely situated within the Barnsdall Art Park, which includes Hollyhock House, Barnsdall Junior Arts Center, and the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery.  This position works on behalf of the policies and protocols of the Performing Arts and collaboratively with other constituents within the historic Park.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Financial Management

  • Maintain timely, orderly, and transparent administrative processes, aligned with industry best practices and DCA protocols;
  • Delineate and communicate benchmarks and metrics for evaluating programming effectiveness;
  • Oversee the processing and administration of all forms of receivables, including income generated by the venue, either through earned or contributed, and processed into DCA approved accounts;
  • Oversee the processing and administration of all payables and expenses, including payroll, and contractors’ and vendors’ invoices;
  • With DCA administration, oversee reconciliation and preparation of venue operating budgets, monthly statements, P&Ls and balance sheets;
  • With PERF leadership team, develop multiple-year rental and programmatic plans for the venue, including yearly budget creation; and
  • Provide on-going needs assessments on issues related to the venue.


Contract/Rental Management

  • Ensure that renters and artists, and/or their representation, execute and enforce all agreements, including negotiating special production terms in a timely manner;
  • Maintain exemplary customer service and professionalism by establishing, encouraging, and modeling high performance standards and through cultivating and maintaining relationships with venue clients;
  • Ensure that contracted production requirements are reasonable and met on-time and within budget and determine individual production needs;
  • Oversee the timely processing and administration of completed contracts and fulfillment  with DCA Administration;
  • Ensure renters’ compliance with laws and union requirements;
  • Attend PERF production planning meetings;
  • Maintain up-to-date staff listing, rental sheets, fee schedule, rental calendar, technical riders, seating charts, and production/equipment lists for potential clients;
  • Professionally represent Barnsdall Gallery Theatre and DCA to the public at large and to potential renters/producers/presenters, and respond to questions or requests;
  • Negotiate and draft permits for use of the premises with renters, producers, and/or presenters as applicable;
  • Conduct location and tech scouts for live events, screenings and filming/photo shoots;
  • Set up online ticket sales for facility users through automated and discount ticketing outlets.  Track sales and provide periodic and final ticket sales reports to users. Assist ticket buyers by phone and email to resolve ticketing issues;
  • Review deposits and outstanding invoices with venue office administrator.  Contact users for payment when invoices become thirty (30) calendar days past due.


Property & Building Management

  • On behalf of the PERF Division, regularly and efficiently communicate with the Barnsdall Art Park (BAP) Director to schedule and supervise General Services (GSD) and its subcontractors conducting the regular cleaning, maintenance, and security and manage service calls and repair needs for the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre; and regularly update the Director on ongoing improvements, calendars, programs, and needs of the venue;
  • Provide yearly and updated inventory reports for equipment and capital purchases;
  • Ensure that all Barnsdall Gallery Theatre licenses and permits are current and in good standing, and the facility is in compliance with building codes;
  • Coordinate rental event and use activity at the Barnsdall Art Park that works for all arts resources on the Hill;
  • Determine ongoing needs assessment that addresses facility technology needs, conveying needs to PERF Leadership and DCA;
  • Manage emergency repairs and address client needs with regard to facility;
  • As needed,  coordinate parking solutions at the Barnsdall Art Park;
  • Coordinate and track proposals and evaluate bids for work or service on the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre;
  • Regularly inspect premises for maintenance, repairs, and sanitation;
  • Gather, review, and transmit information and graphics about upcoming events to support organizations for distribution; and
  • Prepare and submit annual zero-based budget requests for operations and programming to PERF Director.


Staff Supervision/Event Management

  • Increase staff effectiveness and professional development through recruitment and ongoing training;
  • Communicate DCA policies and procedures to all staff;
  • Address on-going issues, course corrections, reviews, staff disciplinary actions, and poor behavior;
  • Communicate on-going issues, opportunities, concerns of staff to improve communication, morale, team building, and event fulfillment;
  • Direct tasks and regularly evaluate the work of full-time and part-time staff;
  • Compose pre-hiring authorization requests required for PERF Director’s approval.  If approved, advertise position, schedule interviews, and coordinate new hire;
  • Calendar and coordinate Front of House and Backstage staffing as needed for rentals and facility events;
  • Be present at events to insure smooth running;
  • Alert area restaurants to upcoming shows and coordinate parking solutions with local business improvement district;
  • Submit ads to local periodicals, Chamber of Commerce and/or local convention and visitors’ bureau.  Submit releases for upcoming shows to local news outlets;
  • Install promotional posters in front of the venue or interior poster cases;
  • Coordinate parking issues and solutions with renters/producers/presenters;
  • Change text on marquee for upcoming shows and update and communicate all marketing events to PERF and Facebook pages/social media;
  • Coordinate service calls and interactions with City of Los Angeles departments, such as GSD, Information Technology Agency (ITA), and other agencies as needed.


Venue Activation

  • Partner with PERF Director and other DCA divisions to develop, execute and oversee engagement, marketing, promotion and fundraising  efforts;
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships within venue’s neighborhood and beyond to further the arts integration work of the PERF and DCA;
  • Nurture relationships within the community, seeking potential artists for programs and rental of theater as well as solicit feedback, suggestions and new ideas;
  • With the PERF Director, create programs, outreach services and engagement activities, as well as encourage the public use of the venue’s spaces to meet the needs of LA’s diverse communities and the needs of artists in and around East Hollywood
  • Be onsite, serving as venue steward and point person for facility tours;
  • Advocate for arts programming that involves audiences of all ages and backgrounds in learning about and through the arts;
  • Demonstrate the DCA and PERF’s commitment to and regional leadership role in arts integration;
  • Advocate for and represent local artists and programs in the community and steward them into the services provided by DCA;
  • Partner with PERF Director and Marketing Division to coordinate, promote, host, and execute local community events at the venue that showcase PERF and DCA’s commitment to regional arts;
  • Foster a positive atmosphere that establishes DCA, PERF and the venue as a resource for local events and community endeavors, ensuring stakeholders’ investment;
  • Ensure all programs at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre are in full compliance with DCA policies and procedures; and


  • Maintain and keep current a database of all renters and pursue all renter leads.



Administrative Reporting

  • Draft bi-weekly reports of activities, attendance metrics and other requested information and submit to PERF Director;
  • Compile bi-weekly Barnsdall Gallery Theatre payroll and distribute paychecks as necessary;
  • Compile weekly and bi-weekly billing for final invoices for facility users and transmit to Venue Office Administrator for invoicing and tracking;
  • Draft, manage, and distribute staff and production list for as-needed tech and front of house staff for events/productions.  Fill in for front of house or tech staff when no replacement is available;
  • Meet with staff individually or collectively to discuss issues needing resolution; and
  • Submit supply and equipment purchase requests to for approval and coordinate purchases.  


Additional duties and project support of the PERF team as instructed by the PERF Director. Respond to and comply with all updated policies, procedures, and directives.


Eligibility- The emergency appointment opportunity is open to all individuals who meet the following criteria:

  1. Graduation from a recognized conservatory, or four year college or university; and
  2. Two years of experience in performing or instructing music, dance, or drama; or planning, coordinating, directing and scheduling a music or theater arts program; or managing business and development of theater operations and productions.


Candidates with demonstrable experience in managing theater business functions, contract management, city systems, accounting/financials, and theater operations and producing productions as well as experience with technical/crew and house/production staff, ticketing operations, and facility management are highly desirable.  Knowledge of industry standards including GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board), Actors Equity, IATSE, USA (United Scenic Artists) and Labor law as well as proficiency in producing financial spreadsheets and budget proposals, and use of Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Power Point are a plus. Knowledge of social media, event management tools, ticketing systems, multidisciplinary event production, and the LA Arts Scene is also desireable.


Where to Apply: All interested candidates should submit a resume and completed City application, which can be downloaded at This document must be scanned as a single .pdf file and e-mailed to [email protected] The subject line of the e-mail should read "Performing Arts Program Coordinator – Barnsdall Gallery Theatre – Emergency Appointment”. If you have any questions, please contact Hosie Thomas at (213)482-6728. Open until sufficient applications are received.

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