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The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) expands knowledge and appreciation of modern and contemporary Latin American art through its collection, ground-breaking exhibitions, stimulating educational programs, and engaging cultural events. MOLAA’s vision is to become the leading Latin American art museum in the United States and a “movement builder” internationally where Latin American art develops mainstream appeal, changes public awareness, and encourages positive interactive behavior. This vision transcends specific goals to ensure renowned curatorial experiences and world class exhibitions, robust touring and travel programs, and a dynamic national/international board of directors.

Founded by Dr. Robert Gumbiner in 1996, MOLAA celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016, which is highlighted by its recent accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums. In recognition of itsoutstanding educational programming and artistic quality, MOLAA was also designated as one of only 140 Smithsonian Affiliated Museums nationwide. The museum’s founder established a vision for the organization: to educate the American public about modern and contemporary Latin American fine art through the establishment of a significant permanent collection and the presentation of dynamic exhibitions and related programs. In 2014, the museum opened its doors to the entire Latino community by clarifying the definition of Latin American art to include Chicano art or art created by people of Latin American descent who have lived exclusively in the United States. Today, MOLAA showcases founding collection highlights, as well as emergent collections of new media and art of the Latino diaspora. In 2017, MOLAA will fill its galleries with an equal representation of permanent and traveling exhibitions which include Frank Romero’s first museum retrospective and a collaboration with the Getty Museum entitled Pacific Standard Time Project, guest-curated by Tatiana Flores.

MOLAA attracts approximately 75,000 visitors annually to its exhibitions, festivals, education programs, and cultural events. It has curated a series of outstanding permanent collection, traveling, and museum-curated exhibitions featuring works by important modern and contemporary Latin American artists. Past exhibitions have included works by Diego Rivera, Frieda Kahlo, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, José Bedia, Esteban Lisa, Fernando Botero, and many others. In addition to these larger traveling shows, MOLAA’s Project Room exhibitions feature the trendsetting work of important up-and- coming Latin American artists who have had little or no exposure in the United States. The Port to Learning is MOLAA’s newest gallery and is committed to expanding visitors’ understanding of topics central to its mission and important to the international community through exhibitions and events.

MOLAA’s location is in its second iteration as a cultural institution. Between 1913 and 1918 the site that the museum now occupies was the home of Balboa Amusement Producing Company, then the world’s most productive and innovative silent film studio. MOLAA’s exhibition galleries, administrative offices, and store are housed in what was once a roller skating rink known as the Hippodrome. Built in the late 1920s after the film studios were gone, the high vaulted ceilings and beautiful wooden floors were perfectly suited to showcase many of its 1,600-piece permanent collection comprised of works by Rudolfo Morales, Lucia Maya, and Wilfredo Lam, among many others. MOLAA operates with a staff of 40 on a $3 million budget, has a $22.5 million permanent endowment, receives annual financial operating support and in-kind services from the Robert Gumbiner Foundation, and strives to maintain cultural authenticity and public accessibility throughout the organization.


Reporting to the board of directors, the President & CEO will be charged with leading MOLAA into the next phase of its journey, with clarity of artistic focus, international vision, and financial sustainability as a guide. Key priorities in upcoming years include ensuring renowned curatorial experiences and world class exhibitions, robust touring and travel programs, and a dynamic national/international board of directors. The President & CEO will be the organization’s chief spokesperson, representing MOLAA to many external international stakeholders. The scope of responsibility includes providing leadership, curatorial vision, and strategic direction in the areas of exhibitions, permanent collection, and educational activities. Equally important are growing earned and contributed revenues, managing senior staff, overseeing marketing and public relations, ensuring quality facilities and operations, and proactively engaging the board of directors.

The President & CEO will maintain an institutional culture which balances the richness of a diverse community with MOLAA’s artistic initiatives and programs through the efficacy of best business practices, fiscal accountability, and institutional impact. This individual will be a relationship builder, maintaining a high professional profile and cultivating financial resources personally while educating, engaging, and energizing the board in its role as fundraisers, policymakers, and community ambassadors. The individual will be responsible for maintaining an atmosphere where collaboration, consensus building, open communication, and stakeholder participation promote and encourage creativity, flexibility, stability, and the achievement of MOLAA’s overall strategic vision and goals.


Curatorial Vitality and Institutional Advancement

Provide curatorial vision and oversee effective exhibition, collection, and education implementation.

Identify stakeholders, develop strategies, and define how key messages will be delivered to various individual and institutional stakeholders in order to increase participation in and visibility for MOLAA.

  • Ensure that all programs and exhibitions continue to be characterized by innovation and quality with the goal to increase attendance and earned income opportunities.
  • Network regionally, nationally, and internationally with preeminent artists, collectors, and other like-minded institutions to ensure MOLAA’s leadership and embeddedness in this unique cultural genre.
  • Oversee a comprehensive fundraising, development, and advancement plan that supports the museum’s ongoing programs and enhances the growth of its artistic, educational, and capital campaign initiatives.
  • Develop marketing and public relations programs with support staff that achieve income goals from membership while enhancing MOLAA’s reputation and position as a cultural destination.
  • Engage in the highest levels of customer service, effective audience interaction, and community service.

Community Engagement and Public Relations

Develop a broader public image for and increased brand awareness of the organization, clearly articulating the mission, vision, programs, and impact of the museum. Make a concerted effort to build relationships with those committed to Latin American art and culture, including other museums, multi-cultural arts centers, artists, international collectors, national business leaders, and other stakeholders who are passionate about the genre and Latino diaspora.

  • Develop partnership agreements with arts and community organizations to advance MOLAA’s outreach activities and collaborative partnerships throughout the region.
  • Communicate the work and artistic mission of the organization in both English and Spanish through the media and at public speaking engagements.
  • Interface with other regional tourism organizations to promote MOLAA as a major attraction.
  • Cultivate excellent relationships with regional cultural organizations, educators, and public agencies as well as the media in the United States and abroad.

Governance and Financial Management

Proactively identify, cultivate, and recruit a board with national and international representation. Mobilize the talents, connections, and resources of the board and stimulate their active involvement. Engage the board to ensure strong fiscal health of this unique cultural destination.

  • Devise a process focused on high caliber national and international board prospect identification, cultivation, and recruitment.
  • Orient, educate, and engage board members to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Celebrate the successes of individual board members and the board as a whole, recognizing their contribution of time and resources as community ambassadors for the museum.
  • Define, clarify, and maintain respective board and staff roles, responsibilities, and accountability.
  • Establish fiscal policies with the board and implement procedures necessary to support fiduciary control and financial effectiveness of the museum.
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility for overall budget development, monitoring, and reporting to ensure the most effective use of human, financial, and technological resources.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Create visionary concepts for exhibits and other cultural events that increase participation, grow membership, and position MOLAA as an organization that attracts diversity and promotes international community engagement.

  • Revitalize the long-term institutional plan, embrace its vision, and implement action plans with the board and senior management team, including reporting progress towards specific, measurable, attainable, reviewable, and time sensitive (SMART) goals.
  • Lead the curatorial team in annual artistic, educational, and outreach plans with appropriate resources to fulfill the organization’s vision.
  • Direct administrative personnel relations, ensuring there is an effectively structured team of quality employees, performance standards are clear, and results are achieved.


The President & CEO will have a well-rounded set of competencies setting this individual apart from others in the field as a results-oriented visionary leader with the ability to set, pursue, and reach goals in a timely manner. Leading candidates will have excellent communications skills, imagination, entrepreneurial spirit, leadership abilities, and a passion for and knowledge of Latin American art and culture. The President & CEO will be a results oriented relationship builder who maintains a high professional profile and is able to cultivate financial resources in conjunction with the board of directors.

This individual will be a true leader that can inspire the development of a long-term vision with achievable goals and a strategy that embraces many stakeholders. The President & CEO should value the social impact of the institution on its community as well as have the ability to communicate the cultural, educational, and economic impact messages of the museum throughout the region. The President & CEO should have the ability to understand and embrace MOLAA’s unique mission and special character and be sensitive to and supportive of the needs of its diverse constituencies. This individual will be an open, communicative, and confident professional who brings creativity, vision, and energy to the position. It is not enough to be a strong conceptual thinker and creative generator of curatorial ideas - the leader of MOLAA must be able to move from dialogue to timely decision making and action. The President & CEO must develop and implement strategies that inspire others towards the implementation of goals and must be the model of integrity, fairness, and have the highest ethical standards with the personal accountability to be responsible for personal actions and those of the team.

Additionally, the candidate should demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Personal and Organizational Accountability – Pursues objectives in an organized and efficient manner, prioritizes activities, and takes responsibility for personal actions and organizational outcomes.
  • Customer and Donor Focus – Consistently places a high value on visitors and donors. Objectively listens to, understands, and represents feedback, anticipates needs, develops appropriate solutions, and exceeds expectations.
  • Influencing Others – Effectively impacts others’ actions and gains commitment from others to achieve desired results. Analyzes others’ opinions and leads them to understand and willingly accept desired alternatives.
  • Leadership and Organizational Management – Leads by example in establishing inspiring and attainable goals while engaging internal and external stakeholders to achieve superior organizational outcomes.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Initiates and develops relationships in positive ways. Successfully works with a wide range of people at varying levels of the organization. Communicates with others in ways that are clear and considerate and demonstrates ease in connecting to a culturally diverse range of stakeholders.


A bilingual professional with a master’s degree is preferred or at least eight to ten years of leadership experience in a museum or related cultural organization. A passion for guiding an institution that is becoming the foremost authority and advocate for Latin American art, culture, and artists is expected.


Compensation is very competitive and commensurate with experience with appropriate benefits, including health and dental insurance, vacation, participation in Simple IRA matching plan, and access to disability and other group insurance options.


Please submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae (electronic submissions preferred) with demonstrable leadership accomplishments to:

Mr. Bruce D. Thibodeau, President

Arts Consulting Group, Inc.

8581 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 406

Los Angeles, CA 90069-4120

Tel: (323) 721.0141

Fax: (323) 936.1196



The Museum of Latin American Art is an equal opportunity employer

that welcomes any qualified applicant and values diversity of all kinds.

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