Production Assistant

The Broad Stage

Santa Monica, CA

Production Assistants at The Broad Stage serve as the backstage support team for artists, crew members and staff. This position works to create a hospitable, safe and orderly environment for artists and crew members during rehearsals, technical load-ins, receptions, and performances. The Production Assistant is key to providing necessary information, amenities, and care for all who are working or performing at The Broad Stage.


  • Maintain backstage hospitality, including Green Room setup/breakdown, dressing room setup/breakdown, and the upkeep of artists’ hospitality needs
  • Ensure the backstage area (including the Green Room, artist entrance, dressing rooms and hallways) remains secure, clean, and free of obstacles
  • Check in artists and their personnel and escort them to/from stage, dressing rooms, reception areas, etc.
  • Maintain awareness of artists locations at all times
  • Check-in and escort approved guests of the artists to their designated areas (Green Room, lobby, etc.) post show
  • Act as the artist’s liaison between front-of-house staff, assisting with ticketing requests or adjustments
  • Order, when necessary, and distribute artist and crew meals in compliance with scheduled meal breaks
  • Complete general tasks, which include event-based shopping, calling taxis/Ubers for artists post show, and setting up the in-house PA system for pre/post show events
  • Occupy a seat in the house or stage right during performances to notate start/end times and any issues that occur during the production
    • Other duties as assigned

At The Broad Stage, we believe that the performing arts are a source of joy, nourishment and connection, and that art flourishes when we all cooperate to create a space for it. The Broad Stage recognizes that the values of equity, diversity, inclusion, access, justice and respect must be fundamental to our work, and it is the responsibility of our staff, artists and patrons to create a welcoming environment for all. We take pride in the culture we are cultivating within our organization, as we celebrate the differences that bring us closer together.

Please submit a resume and at least 2 references to [email protected] by 12/14/2021, include “Production Assistant” in the subject line of the e-mail.

The Broad Stage is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants for employment will have full and equal access to employment opportunities.


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