Production Stage Manager

LA Theatre Works

Los Angeles, CA

Production Stage Manager: PRESSURE

Award-winning audio theatre company is currently seeking a friendly, upbeat, and well-organized AEA or experienced non-AEA* stage manager for our Live Recordings.


Ensure set up and running of a timely, smooth, and safe rehearsal

Take blocking and script notes

Manage in-rehearsal communications and changes

Send calls, rehearsal reports, and production reports

Meets with Script Supervisor after each rehearsal for notes meeting

Track and communicate with Projection Designer for changes

Call projection, sound, and music cues

Run light board

Works closely with and takes notes for Sound Engineer, Director, and Associate Artistic Director

Script supervising and noting continuity

Coordinate post show notes meetings and note delivery (all performances)

Participate in Load In, Tech, and Strike with Sound Engineer and crew

Manage parking passes for production cast and crew

Manage all hospitality, lunch orders, and craft services

*While we operate under a special contract with SAG-AFTRA, we follow Equity rules for rehearsals and performances. Basic knowledge of rules/breaks a must.


Dates: Sept 30 – Oct 6, 2019; plus a few hours the week before (TBD) with Live Events Manager

  • Rehearsals: West LA
  • Tech/Performances: UCLA James Bridges Theater.


Rate: $1,000 flat rate

Candidate may be considered for ongoing contractual work for LATW’s live season of audio recorded plays (7 per year).



Please send resumes to: [email protected]

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