Programs Manager

California Arts Council

Sacramento, CA

Staff Services Manager II - Programs Manager
California Arts Council

Sacramento, CA

Under the general direction the of the Deputy Director, the Staff Services Manager II (Programs Manager) is principally responsible for managing the California Arts Council portfolio of arts funding opportunities.

The Programs Manager will be responsible for leading a multi-disciplinary staff team and Council committee members in developing and implementing all of the program policies, application and administrative  processes, documentation and systems needed to ensure funds are expended in accordance with statutory, contractual, and State administrative requirements, providing the training and assistance needed by grantees/contractors, monitoring performance, and measuring the overall success of the arts programs.


The employment opportunity bulletin and job application checklist can be viewed at this link:


This is a California state civil service job. Only those candidates who qualify based on the Staff Services Manager II exam are eligible to apply for this position. If you are not already on the Staff Services Manager II list, start by taking the brief survey of your experience here:

When you have finished the exam, a page will pop up, showing your score and indicating whether you have passed. Please save this page and submit it to us with all required documents on the Job Application Checklist.


Contact:Ayanna Kiburi
Email:[email protected]

Deadline: 12-16-2019

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