Questions for District Leaders about LCFF

Questions for District Leaders about LCFF

Before you begin acting on LCFF and LCAP opportunities in your district, Arts for LA encourages you to speak with district leadership to get a full picture of the arts education landscape, what's currently being offered, and what could be offered.  Here is a list of questions to get you started.

The State of Arts Education

  1. Has the Board of Education approved a policy supporting arts education in the district? If so, when was it passed?
  2. Has the district adopted and implemented a plan to expand access to arts education to every student in the district?  If so, when was it adopted?
  3. When was the last time the district evaluated its progress in the arts education plan?
  4. Does every student in the district have access to arts education in elementary, middle, and high school?
  5. How many arts disciplines are taught in district schools?  State standards mandate four: dance, visual art, drama, and music.

Linking Up LCFF and Arts Education

  1. How is the district addressing the 8 Local Control Funding Formula priority areas?
  2. To what degree does the district understand how arts education can be a tool to achieve goals in the 8 LCFF priority areas?
  3. In which priority areas does the district anticipate the highest level of impact by arts education?
  4. Which priority areas are of greatest concern to the district right now?

Participating in LCFF and LCAP Processes

  1. How are/were parents selected to participate in the Parent Advisory Committee?
  2. How can I join the Parent Advisory Committee or a subcommittee (such as the English Learner Parent Advisory Committee)?
  3. When does the Parent Advisory Committee meet?
  4. How can I provide public comment at a Parent Advisory Committee meeting?
  5. What other avenues for participation does the district provide?  How else can I be part of this process?

Working with District Leadership

  1. How can I schedule a time to make a presentation to the Board of Education?
  2. How can I start a District Community Arts Team (DCAT) in our district to help support our work in arts education?