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We have less than two weeks till the Nov 8 election. In California, we have 17 state propositions on the ballot, in addition to local measures. To help make the best informed decisions possible, we surveyed candidates in all local elections, and we also endorse Prop 55 and Measure A and M, all of which contribute to greater access to arts and arts education (details below).

For more proposition information, we recommend the following resources for those interested in digging deeper:

EVENT: BallotCon - Saturday, October 29, 10 am to 4:30 pm, Los Angeles City Hall, City Council Chambers

HAIKU: For those of a literary inclination, Damian Carroll, the National Director of the charity Vision to Learn, wrote haikus (which require 17 syllables) to distill the 17 state propositions.

SONG: For those of a musical inclination, the 2016 proposition song is courtesy of Kim Alexander, president of the non-partisan California Voter Foundation.

CONVERGENCE: Our upcoming LA Convergence (November 3) will focus on many of our most pressing social issues and provide an opportunity to investigate our role as individuals and as nonprofits in the civic and electoral process. 

POLLING PLACES: Finally below we recognize our Member Organizations who have opened their doors to foster community engagement in their role as polling places this election season. 

Arts & Culture Candidate Surveys

With the election just weeks away, Arts for LA has published our Arts & Culture Candidate Surveys which promote dialogue around issues related to arts education and cultural policy with candidates and residents.

School Board Elections

Candidate_Surveys.jpgMunicipal Elections

Endorsement: Proposition 55


 What it does: This proposition extends the taxes on higher income earners that were approved in 2012 with Proposition 30, which provided funding for public education through the Local Control Funding Formula which has enabled many school districts to restore arts education. Proposition 55 would continue the tax rates instituted by Proposition 30 through 2030. The tax increase impacts the 1.5 percent of Californians with a single income filing of at least $263,000 or a joint income filing of at least $526,000.[1]

Why we endorse: Without the continuation of this income tax, our public schools will lose $4 billion a year. Such budget cuts would result in cuts to arts education and even the closing of some schools. The extension gives us a decade to identify and secure more stable funding.

Endorsement: Measure A

Measure-A-Logo-smaller.pngWhat it does: The Los Angeles County Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Measure of 2016 (Measure A) asks voters to continue their support for local parks, beaches, open space, and water resources by approving an annual parcel tax of 1.5 cents per square foot of development. If approved, the estimated tax for the owner of a 1,500 square foot home will be $22.50 per year, and will be included on the annual property tax bill.  Generating approximately $94 million per year for our local parks, beaches, and open space areas, Measure A will replace expiring dedicated funding from the voter-approved Propositions A of 1992 and 1996.

Why we endorse:   Measure A ensures funding for parks and county facilities that provide arts experiences throughout Los Angeles County. Arts and culture institutions within those parks benefit from the work provided with these funds.

Endorsement: Measure M

YESonM.pngWhat it does: Measure M will modernize L.A. County's aging transportation system and build a 21st century transportation network that expands light rail, subway, Rapid Bus, Metrolink, freeways and highways. Measure M adds and accelerates transit lines and finally ties them together into a comprehensive system that will work with an improved freeway an local road network. Measure M was carefully crafted through the most robust stakeholder input process in the region's history, including hundreds of public meetings and in partnership with each of the County's 88 cities, business groups, advocates and experts.

Why we endorse: Measure M improves access to the arts for all people. Arts for LA supports investing in transportation not just for current residents but for future generations. Recent data indicates passenger traffic on the expanded Expo line has increased 42% on weekdays and 90% on Sunday, which fosters more people engaging with arts and culture across the region. 

Arts & Culture Polling Places

ArtsVoter_cropped.pngWe applaud the following arts & culture institutions that have become polling places this election season. Arts for LA has created "Arts Voter" stickers to distribute at these locations and encourage everyone to tag @Arts4LA and #ArtsVote if you take a selfie on November 8.  

If your organization is a poling place and is not listed, please let us know by notifying us at [email protected] 

Find Your Ballot

Find your Polling Place & Sample Ballot - depending upon where you vote, your ballot may differ, so the LA County Register's Office has created a tool to locate your polling place and the ballot that will be on hand there:

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