Request for Proposals (RFP) for an "Operator" to Repurpose Historic Library

City of Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach, CA

The City of Redondo Beach (“City”) is seeking proposals from experienced facility operators for the management/operation of the Historic Library/Community Center (“Facility”), located in Veteran’s Park at 309 Esplanade, Redondo Beach, California.

The City envisions the Facility to be used in a manner that will maximize affordable access for City residents and could include any combination of private rentals; arts/culture/history programming; food, etc. The City is open to all levels of creativity and welcomes all proposals. The RFP may be requested by sending an email to [email protected] requesting RFP# 2223-004 "Facility Management and Operation of the Veteran's Park Historic Library/Community Center."

Proposers may not contact other City officials or staff regarding this RFP.

Submit a written response to City of Redondo Beach RFP# 2223-004 by December 15, 2022, 2:30pm.

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