Request for Qualifications: City of LA

Outdoor Open Spaces/Street Medians/Recreation and Parks Facilities

Los Angeles, CA


Public art projects play a pivotal role in creating meaningful gathering places for both pleasure and purpose in L.A.
neighborhoods. These community-based public artworks enhance recreational activities, create educational opportunities,
and provide valuable cultural experiences for, adults, children, and seniors. DCA is now seeking to establish a pre-qualied
list of artists, collectives, and artist teams interested in creating contemporary public artwork in traditional and non-traditional
outdoor open spaces, street medians, and recreation and parks facilities.



Artists working in any media may apply, individually or as an artist team. The sites are particularly conducive for three-
dimensional artworks. Successful applicants must demonstrate the professional capacity to oversee the design,

fabrication, and installation of public artwork while collaborating with City staff, engineers, general contractors, fabricators,
and installers as needed. Studio artists with an interest in pursuing public art projects are also strongly encouraged to apply.


This RFQ is open to professional artists, collectives and artist teams residing in Southern California, dened as the region
extending from Ventura to San Diego. Artists selected to receive a public art commission must be available for multiple
project meetings with the design team and/or principals of the project and DCA, the public, and other City agencies as
required. Any collective or artist team selected to be part of this prequalied roster must retain the same team membership
throughout the life of the Roster and over the course of a public art project, if commissioned. Employees of the City of
Los Angeles are ineligible to apply.
Applicants are encouraged to register on the City of Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN). If your
organization has previously received commissions, grants or contracts from the City of Los Angeles, then you have already
registered on BAVN. If you are a new applicant, go to <> to register to bid for a City of Los Angeles
business commission, grant or contract. Technical support for BAVN may be requested by emailing <[email protected]>.
Sometime thereafter you may receive requests from BAVN to verify your location, the percentage of your workforce that
lives in the City of Los Angeles, your status as a minority owned/operated business, and your status as a women
owned/operated business. We encourage you to respond accurately so that individual artists are understood as a signicant
contributor to equity.


An artist selection committee comprised of, but not limited to, arts professionals, principals of the project and City
representatives will convene to establish the 2018 Pre-Qualied Artists roster for Outdoor Open Spaces, Street Medians,
and Recreation and Parks facilities. Upon reviewing all submissions, the committee will select up to twenty-ve (25)
artists/teams and collectives to comprise the Roster, which will go into effect immediately and remain active for a term
of three (3) years.
Subsequently, three to ve pre-qualied artists from the 2018 Roster will be asked to develop conceptual, site-specic
public art proposals as each new project is initiated. A separate artist selection committee, will convene to review the
public art proposals, interview artists/teams, and select public art projects to be commissioned by the City of Los Angeles.
Upon further conceptual development, each commissioned public art project will be presented to the community and any
appropriate City agencies for review and approval. Upon approval, projects will also have demonstrated compliance with
various City codes regarding safety, accessibility, seismic, and/or other concerns as required.



Budgets for these public art projects will range from $40,000 to $100,000. Each budget is all-inclusive and must cover
any and all costs associated with the design, fabrication, and installation of the commissioned public art project,
including certied engineering drawings and all City permits as required. These projects may be funded through the Recreation
and Parks, City of Los Angeles Proposition K - L.A. for Kids, the State of California Propositions 23 and 40 Parks Bond
Programs Arts Development Fees and or other art programs funded by the Department of Cultural Affairs.


RFQ is available online at: <>. All application materials must be submitted online via
SlideRoom <> by 11:59 pm Monday, July 16, 2018. Incomplete and late submissions
will be deemed ineligible and will not be considered. A complete submission must include:

• ARTIST’S CONTACT INFORMATION including name, business name (if applicable), mailing address, telephone,
and email. Teams must provide this information for all members of the team, and one artist must be identied
as DCA’s primary contact for the team.
• STATEMENT OF INTEREST in creating public art for outdoor open spaces, street medians, and Recreation and
Parks Facilities.
• RÉSUMÉ or CURRICULUM VITAE in PDF or DOC format only. Teams must submit one team CV as well as a
CV for each artist on the team.
• TEN (10) IMAGES of completed art projects in JPG format only, 72 DPI min and 5 MB max per file;
SlideRoom compatible. Each of the image les must include the title of the image, year, size, materials, and
brief description. For any commissioned project(s), also include the client, budget, and location.

*Any additional materials submitted other than the materials requested above will not be reviewed.


Please contact Martica Stork, Arts Manager, at <[email protected]>.
Visit DCA’s website <> to share and download this RFQ document.


As a leading, progressive arts and cultural agency, DCA empowers Los Angeles’ vibrant communities by supporting and
providing access to quality visual, literary, musical, performing, and educational arts programming; managing vital cultural
centers; preserving historic sites; creating public art; and funding services provided by arts organizations and individual artists.


DCA reserves the right to decline all submissions or cancel this RFQ, or any roster of pre-qualied arts professionals, at
any time. Pre-qualied artists identied through this RFQ are not guaranteed a commission or an opportunity to develop
a public art proposal. This RFQ is subject to the City’s Campaign Finance, Contractor Responsibility, Equal Benets, Equal
Opportunity, Living Wage, Minority/Women Business Enterprise and Slavery Disclosure Ordinances, as well as any other
ordinances in effect in the City of Los Angeles.

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