Residency: Art in Agriculture 2019

Santa Paula Art Museum

Santa Paula, CA

The Art in Agriculture Residency at the Santa Paula Art Museum is a program that allows artists to explore and understand part of the agricultural landscape of California. While the people and land of California grow a significant portion of the nation’s produce, California artists are often tucked into urban landscapes, with little access to this environment. The Santa Paula Art Museum, nestled in the Santa Clara River Valley, is providing a unique opportunity to combine these two worlds.

During this 3 - 4 week residency in Spring 2019, the Santa Paula Art Museum looks to share its agricultural resources and opportunities with the AIR. In exchange, the selected artist will work with the community that the museum serves.

This residency is project-based, focusing on works that are participatory and engage the community. AIR applicants will submit a proposal for a project that they would like to explore during this period, highlighting how access to agricultural spaces would be important to their process and goals. The museum encourages artists to incorporate timely, local concerns within their proposals. Preference will be given to proposals the foster new connections within the varied members of the Santa Clara River Valley’s agricultural community.


This residency will provide:

  • Access to a network of agricultural spaces and people to draw from for the project.
  • A workspace within the Cole Creativity Center at the Santa Paula Art Museum to develop their ideas (The artist’s studio schedule will need to be coordinated with educational events at the Cole Creativity Center).
  • A 50 linear ft wall exhibition space to use to develop ideas, display works-in-progress or collaborate, interact and engage with the community.
  • A budget of $1200 to help actualize the project, with additional materials funds for their community-based workshop/presentation.


Within the role of Artist in Residence, the participant will be required to:

  • Present one community-based workshop/presentation/ interactive and/or collaborative event that utilizes part of the artist’s practice in an engaged and participatory capacity.
  • Exhibit the completed artwork developed in the AIR in the following annual Art and Agriculture exhibition at the Santa Paula Art Museum, November 2019 (organized by the Ag Art Alliance .


This program is designed for career-level artists looking to explore new concepts and landscapes. Degree-seeking students are not eligible. Currently, the Art in Agriculture Residency is not a live-in program. It is designed for artists from the surrounding Los Angeles or Ventura counties or an artist who will be available to provide their own living quarters in the region for this entirety of the program. While we value environmentally friendly lifestyles, we acknowledge that mass transit does not reach all of the areas of our community. Self-provided access to transportation will be important for artists wanting to explore.


To apply* for this residency, artists should submit the following:

  1. A CV including exhibitions, education, publications
  2. An artist statement (1 page or less)
  3. 5 works samples. If submitting videos, no more than 5 min via Vimeo or YouTube link.
  4. A document detailing work samples provided.
  5. A 2-3 paragraph of a proposed project that you would like to develop. This description should highlight why utilizing an agricultural environment will be important and also how the project will engage the community.


*This application requires a google account for document uploads.


The application can be found at:



Questions: [email protected]

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