Advocacy Resources


These resources are designed to empower local arts advocates with the tools & knowledge needed to ensure every student in LA County has access to high quality arts instruction

2020 Ballot Measures + Propositions

Curious about how this year's ballot measures + stateside propositions have the potential to impact the arts?  Check out this #ArtsVoter explainer connecting 2020 ballot issues to the creative sector.

Arts for LA:
School Board, City Council, & County Supervisor Candidates

Step 1: Think of question you want to ask candidates running for school board in your district. Check out these examples and ready-to-post media tiles.

Step 2: Look up your 2020 candidates here. Use CRTL + F to search for your school district. Candidates will be listed under that header.

Step 3: Depending on the info they've provided the registrar, you can call, text, or tag your candidates in a post asking your question.

Arts for LA:
Local Arts Education
Advocacy Dashboard

This resource is designed to prepare advocates to react quickly and effectively in local decision making processes. 

Download the Dashboard in PDF format, or as an Excel spreadsheet.

Arts for LA:
Local Arts Education
Rapid Response Plan

This resource guides advocates planning swift, effective action in response to proposed cuts to arts education budgets & programming.

Download the Dashboard in PDF format, or as an Excel spreadsheet.

California Alliance
for Arts Education:
Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit, created by California Alliance for Arts Education, offers advocates concrete tools & strategies for influencing local decision makers (including school board members, superintendents, principals).

Arts Ed Data Project

This resource, created by CreateCA, offers advocates tips for incorporating data into presentations for School Board Members.

Check out the slides from the July 29 advocacy training!
Voting for the Arts: Advocating for Arts Education in Crisis.