RFQ - Art opportunity at The Culver Steps

Iconic Art Work at The Culver Steps

Culver City, CA

Request for Qualifications

Iconic Art Work at The Culver Steps



LeBasse Projects and Hackman Capital Partners seek one or more artist(s) or artist team to develop iconic and dynamic artwork for The Culver Steps.


Situated between The Culver Studios and The Culver Hotel, the property is destined to become the heart of Downtown Culver City and will be a welcoming and warm gathering place for the community.

LeBasse Projects and Hackman Capital Partners seek a qualified artist or artist team for a monumental and bold art installation at The Culver Steps. Situated between The Culver Studios and The Culver Hotel in the heart of downtown Culver City, The Culver Steps offers 40,000 square feet of curated retail space, 75,000 square feet of creative office space, and a nearly acre-sized public plaza.

The development’s namesake and defining feature is a grand architectural staircase, which cascades down the side of the four-story building and opens to the public plaza.

With grassy green spaces, landscaped terraces and plenty of outdoor seating, The Culver Steps is destined to become the city’s go-to-gathering spot—not just for shopping and dining, but also for outdoor movies, concerts, farmers’ markets and more.

Art Opportunity

The artwork will be located at The Culver Steps. Artists are encouraged to think creatively and expansively about the space. This art commission is intended to be an iconic, immersive, and monumental work that will both complement the plaza and become a destination in its own right. The resulting commission should be bold, eye-catching, and even mind-bending, as well as thoughtful and engaging. The installation should be engaging day and night.

Culver City is the Heart of Screenland. The commission should connect with the surrounding community and artwork that reflects its history will be particularly encouraged.


The selected artist(s) or team will be awarded a comprehensive contract that will cover the monumental artwork design and engineering, fabrication, materials, installation, insurance, travel, meetings with staff as necessary, and all related incidental expenses.

Budget Range

$1.5-$2 million

Evaluation Criteria

  • Professional experience, quality of work, resume and references
  • Letter of interest and statement of approach
  • Demonstrated ability to conceive, manage, and execute projects of a similar scale


This opportunity is open to professional artists or artist teams who meet the following criteria:

  • Artists must have a national and/or international reputation
  • Artists must have completed other public commissions on a similar large scale
  • Artists must have success in translating innovative concepts into large-scale public artworks
  • Artists must demonstrate high-level of creativity when engaging in the public space, and show a capability to introduce unusual ways of approaching existing architectural, landscape, or other elements
  • Artists must have experience in coordinating large-scale public art installations with a diverse team
  • Artists must have a positive critical regard and demonstrated retention of value in work

Selection Process

The selection process will involve two steps:

Step 1: Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Process to select up to four (4) shortlisted artist(s) or artist team(s)

Step 2: Request for Proposals (RFP) for those artists or artist team(s) shortlisted; stipends included for all shortlisted artists or artists’ team(s) in this step.

Application Instructions

Submit as a SINGLE PDF the following materials to [email protected]

  • Professional resume (teams must submit resumes for each member)
  • Letter of Interest and Statement of Approach
  • Previous works:
    Please provide a minimum of six and maximum of ten digital images of previous work that demonstrates an ability to complete a similar project. For each image, please provide title, dimensions, materials, date, location, and budget.


September 25 – RFQ Released

October 30—Submission deadline


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