Scriptwriter Volunteer/Intern

How I Get By Podcast

Los Angeles, CA (or remote)

If you’re a dedicated writer who’s also interested in getting involved in podcasts, this is an excellent opportunity for you. I recently launched a podcast called How I Get By ( and I am looking for someone interested in taking original edits of recordings and turning them into narrated scripts (more details when we connect).

There is some potential for stipend/modest compensation if you stick with it for several months; but first, please be interested in getting involved because you want to help the project and learn about podcasting. I will fill you in more on the role via phone.

I am a near 7-year podcast veteran, and this new podcast has strong potential, and as it grows, so will you. College credit is also an option.

How to Apply

Please write a brief letter with your interest and your background (you don't need to have podcast experience).

 Submit letters of interest to [email protected]   

Thank you very much for your interest!

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