Sculpture and Ceramics Assistants

LA-based Artist

Los Angeles

LA-based artist seeks two freelance sculpture assistants to help complete several new sculpture projects and ongoing studio production. 


Artist seeks a sculpture assistant for upcoming projects and ongoing sculptural production. The studio works with a broad range of materials, including plaster, ceramic, aqua resin, wood, bronze, steel, and 3-D printed resins.  The ideal candidate will respond well to a fast-paced, experimental environment with numerous overlapping deadlines and a high level of critical discourse.  The assistant should be able to work independently, ask questions, and maintain an attention to detail while juggling multiple tasks.

Responsibilities include mold-making and casting, basic carpentry, aqua-resin fabrication, and a variety of sculptural tasks.  Experience with production casting, mold-making and casting with multi-part silicone molds, and life casting are required. Some experience in ceramics including multi-part plaster mold-making for slip casting, coil construction, and large-scale slab joinery is preferred.  The ability to complete tasks independently, work efficiently, and maintain a clean and professional work environment is essential to this position.  The position includes a significant amount of time organizing, setting up, and cleaning. The ideal candidate has a BA or BFA in sculpture, 1-5 years of studio assisting experience in a contemporary artist’s studio. 


This assistant will execute the production of large-scale ceramic sculpture in the studio.  The work will include using production-grade slab roller, extruder, following templates, and firing an electric kiln.  The assistant must have excellent technical skills including slab construction and joinery, glaze application, and the ability to produce consistent, high-quality results.  The assistant should be tidy, efficient, and maintain a professional studio environment.  Experience loading, firing, and maintaining electric kilns is necessary.  Knowledge of glaze calculation is preferred. The ideal candidate has a BA or BFA in sculpture or ceramics, 1-5 years of studio assisting experience in a contemporary artist’s studio, excellent attention to detail, a positive attitude, and the ability to work independently and solve problems.  This is a temporary, one-year position.


The studio is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from skilled persons of diverse and non-traditional educational backgrounds.  Compensation is hourly.  Assistant should have a vehicle in good working condition, good driving record, and insurance.  Please email [email protected] with CV, letter of interest, and schedule availability. Please indicate which position you are seeking in the subject line of the email, and please apply for only one position.

Application deadline: July 30, 2018.

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