Seeking Sound Designer + Composer

Teatro Luna

Los Angeles, CA

Teatro Luna West (Ensemble Company founded as Teatro Luna in 2000 in Chicago and founded Teatro Luna West in 2014 in Los Angeles) seeks an experienced sound designer/composer for a devised piece called THE TIMES. Tech Nov 1- 10, Previews Nov 10-16, Opens Nov 17 and Runs through December 16th at Studio Luna by Teatro Luna West, 2009 East First Street Los Angeles. 

About The Times: 
THE TIMES investigates the current cultural turmoil, confusion, and violence against our most vulnerable that grows daily in this American moment. This immersive, devised, theatrical experience by the women of Teatro Luna West drills down on hot-button issues and asks audiences and themselves: what has changed, what is possible, and how we can find our way together in the search for truth.
Pay range is from $500-1200, depending on what we decide to do together
About Teatro Luna 
Teatro Luna is a national ensemble of Latinx and Women of Color artists, organizers, scholars, agitators, creatives, teatristas,  dreamers and thinkers who collaboratively create original performances and produce multi-genre events towards a social justice purpose. Founded in Chicago 2000, Luna originally organized for the purpose of exploring the varied experiences and cultures of Latina women. Since 2013 Luna develops and showcases the creative talents of women of color in addition to the Latinx female-identified individual and provides both live and virtual forums for artistic, social, political, and educational outreach into our varied communities.  In 2014 Luna opened a second site and ensemble in Los Angeles, California that serves multiple cities on the West Coast with Teatro Luna West. As Luna continues to grow it remains dedicated to expanding the range of opportunities for artistic collaboration on the local, national and international stage by creating new and original work, the study and exploration of the power of ensemble practice, and experimentation in storytelling through an interdisciplinary approach. Forged through a history of activism, Teatro Luna believes that theatre is the best tool for bearing social change into our lived experience. It is through a shared-leadership philosophy that we hold sacred a safe space for risk-taking and radical transformation.

At the center of our work is the idea that theatre is one of the most powerful and dynamic tools for real social change, and their mission is to instigate change in the way the industry and the mainstream views women of color.

Teatro Luna is an award-winning theatre company whose work has been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, American Theatre Magazine, NBC, Univision, NPR, and other major outlets and publications on a wide spectrum ranging from scholarship to cultural, and everything in between.

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