Senior Programs and Writing Manager


Los Angeles, CA

The Senior Programs and Writing Manager holds a dynamic position within 826LA, and leads the Echo Park location through managing a team of program staff, long-term planning and goal setting, staff professional development, and overseeing site operations. The Senior Programs Manager works closely with other lead program and volunteer staff to ensure that programs are running the best possible, and following the objectives set out in the 826LA strategic plan. The Senior Programs Manager in Echo Park also leads the development of contracted partnerships and Analytic Writing Continuum (AWC) ﹣aligned curriculum. The Senior Programs Manager fulfills various Human Resource needs as required by their team, is a part of the 826LA Department Head team, coached by crosstown Senior Programs Manager and reports to the Executive Director.


Position responsibilities:

Managing Programs Staff+Site

  • Oversees a team of programs staff in Echo Park and provides support for staff to create and fulfill long- and short-term goals according to the 826LA strategic plan;

  • Works under the guidance and in collaboration with the crosstown Senior Programs Manager to ensure consistent and successful programming is happening through appropriate collaboration, communication, and resource-sharing across 826LA sites;

  • Works closely with other lead staff to monitor and provide professional development and coaching to all program and volunteer staff and specifically supports with education, writing, and classroom management to enhance program quality;

  • Builds and sustains relationships with families, volunteers, community partners, educators, and schools, and manages partnerships and projects in accordance with the strategic plan;

  • Is the liaison to outside partnerships and potential projects for students, and manages each of those partnerships as needed;

  • Is responsible for the hiring, training, performance management, wellness, and on- and off-boarding for staff within site team;

  • Responsible for site operations and maintenance;

  • Supports programs, volunteer, and development teams as necessary;

  • Reports to the Executive Director.


Data Collection and Operations

  • Manages programmatic, publishing, and curriculum requests from 826 National and collection of programs Chapter Report data. Works with 826 National to ensure all program evaluation needs are met;

  • Works with the other Senior Programs Manager and Volunteer Manager to ensure the collection of all programmatic data for 826 National and internal record keeping;

  • Supports other Senior Programs Manager and Executive Director to deliver monthly staff meetings, monthly site meetings, programs team meetings, and quarterly all-staff retreats.


Writing Curriculum and Partnerships

  • Manages partnership with The Broad and staff that oversees Hammer programs, and other potential museum partnerships or contracted partnerships;

  • Working with the Director of In-School Programs and College Access, develops framework for future contracted partnerships and grows that area of programming;

  • Is responsible for leading the implementation of AWC﹣aligned writing curriculum, both internally and externally facing, and managing and expanding the annual writing assessment and scoring, across sites.

  • Oversees and develops 826LA’s writing pedagogy and guides the deepening of our writing curriculum;

  • Supports in the development, editing, and publishing process for 826LA publications;

  • Manages and updates 826LA’s Writing Style Guide and editorial practices across sites.

Core Competencies

Planning and Execution

  • Develops individual work plans with goals and interim milestones to manage one's own work, ensuring high-quality work, ensuring high-quality and timely delivery

  • Demonstrates problem-solving skills to overcome challenges and maximize limited resources

  • Analyzes progress and adjusts plans as appropriate, prioritizing highest impact work first

  • Develops project and/or team-wide work plans with goals and interim milestones to manage resources, time, and people efficiently and effectively


Systems Thinking

  • Understands how various roles, responsibilities, and players, both internal and external, contribute to the mission of the organization

  • Makes decisions keeping in mind individual role/team and giving consideration to broader organizational objectives


Direction and Management

  • Considers challenges, financial limitations, and other long-term factors when setting a vision; embeds solutions in all levels of planning

  • Aligns, integrates, and communicates the link between individual goals, team goals, and broader 826 goals

  • Provides appropriate level of day-to-day support to team, differentiating styles based on individuals/assignments



  • Supports the work of colleagues, engages meaningfully to provide input or partner when appropriate

  • Actively seeks input from team, pushing self to find and incorporate perspectives from team members from different backgrounds



  • Communicates authentically and respectfully to resolve conflict, even across lines of difference

  • Shares information and decisions with staff and managers in a transparent and timely manner

  • Encourages and celebrates differences in team members' communication styles, providing appropriate coaching on balancing authenticity with sensitivity and respect


Cultural Competence

  • Seeks to embody 826's values around diversity, equity, and inclusion



  • Approaches new ideas, changes in work, or challenges with a sense of possibility, openness, positivity, and solutions-based aptitude

  • Ability to adapt to various working and management styles

  • Quickly identifies new paths forward in the face of change, ambiguity, and uncertainty

  • Demonstrates ability to effectively manage others in times of uncertainty and change


Self Awareness & Adaptability

  • Is open to seek out feedback and opportunities to grow

  • Builds a culture of self-reflection and awareness, supporting staff to be comfortable owning their strengths and limitations and identifying ways to improve


Developing Others

  • Assesses individual performance and identifies development needs

  • Openly communicates and ensures team members understand performance expectations

  • Designs opportunities  for growth in the scope of team members' roles

  • Takes dedicated time to coach a diverse set of staff; Adjusts coaching style to adapt to different skill levels, working styles, and backgrounds

  • Understands and articulates nuanced definitions of what success can look like at 826

The ideal candidate must be able to demonstrate they have:

  • Spanish language skills required;

  • College diploma;

  • A passion for writing, education and especially 826LA’s mission;

  • Strong communication skills, both written and interpersonal;

  • Excellent organizational skills;

  • Strong ability to multi-task, adapt, and solve problems creatively in a fast-paced environment;

  • Classroom management experience preferred;

  • A commitment to incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of 826LA programming desired;

  • A strong work ethic, a collaborative spirit, the desire to support programs team members, and a sense of humor desired.


This position is FULL TIME, Monday through Friday, and the flexibility to work occasionally on evenings and weekends is necessary. Benefits include two weeks vacation, participation in 826LA’s health and dental care plan, 401K, and life insurance plan. Salary is commensurate with experience.



In order to be considered for the Senior Programs and Writing Manager position, you must thoroughly complete this online application, and send the following to [email protected]:

  1. A cover letter that includes a summary of your relevant experience and a specific explanation of why you are interested in working at 826LA

  2. A detailed resume

  3. A list of three references


Please include your name and "Senior Programs and Writing Manager" in the subject line.

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