Sound and Video Supervisor

Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

The Sound and Video Supervisor (SVS) position exists to make production values and practices better for

our programs, our performers, and for the audiences in the communities we serve. Production value

comes from a true collaboration between creative and technical skills. Good production values are best

achieved when both viewpoints are brought to the table. Production practices come from experience as

well as trial and error.


The SVS oversees 6 touring programs within Educational Theater, works with a team of production

supervisors in a collaborative environment, and serves as audio engineer for select events and staff

meetings. Good production practices are willing to receive feedback, collaborate with other departments

or outside professionals, and are always striving for new and better ways of operating as technology





Under general direction of the Technical Director, the Sound & Video Supervisor oversees excellent

technical support to ensure a safe, positive experience for all touring educational theater productions.

Related Duties:

- Supervises and maintains production systems and equipment inventory, primarily audio and video

- Participates in all production meeting and provide expertise as needed

- Fulfills event advance work and meets prospective clients to quantify their needs, communicate them

accordingly, and fulfill them on-time and on-budget

- Supervises the day-to-day work of the production staff including management of personnel, vendors,

projects/events, and select budgets

- Maintain and update technical information documents

- Trains and evaluates actors on equipment use, best practices, and touring operating policies

- Performs other related duties as required


Position Goal:

The main goal of the Sound and Video Supervisor is to be respected as an equal collaborative contributor

to the programs they serves, so they can provide excellent service in a timely fashion.

Company: Kaiser Permanente, Southern California, Educational Theater

Job title: Sound & Video Supervisor

Reports to: Production Manager

Start date: ASAP

Position type: Full-Time: June-September, Part-Time: October-May

Benefits always include Health, Dental, 401(k), and more



A bachelor’s degree in sound design or equivalent experience required. A graduate degree are strongly

preferred. Experience beyond the bachelor’s degree as an audio crew leader or production manager is

required. Audio mixing experience in both producing and presenting/touring environments is preferred.

- Experience with digital and analog mixing consoles

- Demonstrated electronic repair skills: cable construction, soldering, etc.

- Ability to work both in a team and independently

- Excellent organizational, planning and problem-solving skills

- Ability to prioritize multiple projects

- Demonstrated communication skills, both verbal and written

- Ability to train basic audio engineering

- Professional presentation, appearance and work ethic

- Familiarity with QLab3 and Qlab4

- Ability to lift and carry 50 lbs.

Submit a single PDF file containing a cover letter and a concise resume that demonstrates a good match

between the applicant’s background and the education and experience requirements listed above. Please

submit this single PDF file by Saturday, March 30, 2019 to [email protected]. Phone calls,

office visits, and other communications apart from these instructions may disqualify applicants.

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