SPARC Digital Mural Lab Assistant Internship


Venice, CA 

About SPARC:  

The Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) was founded in 1976 by Chicana muralist and educator Judith F. Baca, filmmaker/director Donna Deitch and Artist/Teacher Christina Schlesinger.  SPARC is a cultural center that creates public art as a vehicle to promote civic dialogue, foster cross-cultural understanding and address critical social issues.  SPARC has remained committed to its values as a socially responsible organization utilizing art to bring about social change.  We also remain committed to helping communities find their voice, giving them public expression, and having others hear it; while breaking down barriers, real and perceived, between and within communities. What we do is as much about community transformation and creating permanent sites of public memory as it is about public art.    

About SPARC’s Internship Program 

SPARC accepts applicants for college-credit and/or internships for up to 12-week periods for pre-determined schedules  Monday-Friday throughout academic school semesters/quarters.  The internships are primarily available to students interested in the fields of Public Art, Chicano/a Studies, Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies, Graphic Design, Digital Preservation and Archiving/Information Studies. 

(2 open positions) UCLA@SPARC Digital Mural Lab:

SPARC accepts applications for those intern candidates interested in the creation of public art using digital technologies and also have an interest in graphic design. Projects would focus on completion of various work orders in a timely fashion. Responsibilities include but are not limited to Photoshop image work (intermediate level), scanning, large format digital printing, print cutting, updating website, CD authoring, video capture, logging and graphic design work for promotion of SPARC’s work.  
Email the following to   
  • Cover letter which describes course requirements, what you would like to achieve during your internship, why you are interested in SPARC 
  • Current Resume
  • Candidates will be contacted with a in-person interview for consideration
Questions: Contact Elaine Raif, SPARC Office Manager at 310/822-9560 x110    Email:  




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