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Glendale Arts is a private nonprofit organization, charged with managing the Alex Theatre and coordinating resources that are designed to benefit Glendale-based artists, arts organizations, businesses, government agencies, and local schools. Established in July 2008, Glendale Arts is the culmination of a community-wide arts assessment that included input from Alex Regional Theatre Board and staff, and City and community leaders.

 Position Overview

Join our Special Events & Outreach team as we produce the Open Arts &Music Festival (OAM) in Downtown Glendale as well as help program corresponding, year-round projects: POPUP! and Open shows.

 Volunteers will gain behind-the- scenes experience in:

• Community Outreach

• Planning

• Management

• Production

• Marketing

 Our Special Events & Outreach team will also guide volunteers in:

• Building connections, relationships, and a network of industry professionals

• Developing skills and concrete experience

• Exploring new interests or career paths

Special Events Projects:

Open Arts & Music Festival, POPUP! & Open Shows, The Open Arts & Music Festival is a free, all-day event on September 17, 2016, featuring music, food, public art installations, activities for children, and businesses partners in the City of Glendale and outlying areas.

POPUP! and Open Shows are year-round programs offering community-wide classes, temporary exhibitions, alternative film screenings, and shows highlighting local and international artists and performers.

 For more info, visit openartsmusic.com and glendalearts.org

@openartsmusic | @glendaleartsCA

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