Staging Supervisor

UCLA School of Theater

Los Angeles, CA


Job Title: Staging Supervisor

Position Type: Full-Time


Under the supervision of the Director of Productions and Production Manager, manage, maintain and supervise the use of assigned venue(s) for Department productions, events and rentals. Plan, coordinate, monitor, and participate in the planning, installation, operation and technical aspects of mounting productions from the reading of the script through the strike. Act as advocate for production director and designers and communicate with shop supervisors or assigned Teaching Assistants to ensure a smooth, timely and efficient transition from design ideas to design realization. Coordinate and monitor auditions, rehearsal, performance, and construction schedules and budgets. Train and supervise student crews. Provide management services and technical services for theatre rentals and non-academic projects as assigned.


The job is listed on the UCLA website at The job listing is under "Theater Production Manager." Applicant must apply through the University website.

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