Support Arts Education!

Support Arts Ed in Burbank Unified School District

Support Arts Ed in Burbank Unified School District!

Cuts proposed by Burbank Unified leadership include:

  • Eliminating all elementary music educators,
  • Eliminating the district's arts coordinator,
  • Cutting funding for art supplies,
  • Cutting funding for art propfessional development,
  • Cutting funding for musical instruments & repairs.
  • Link to full proposal can be found here.

Key Talking Points:

  • The arts are not optional! California education code mandates every child have access to high quality arts instruction. 
  • The arts support other important outcomes! Students with arts education are:
    • 5x less likely to drop out
    • 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
    • 3x more likely to earn a bachelors degree.
  • This is an equity issue. 1 in 10 jobs in the SoCal region are generated by the creative economy; students without arts education have less opportunity in the creative workforce.

Be sure to make the following ask:

  • Don't cut arts ed jobs! Arts educators are essential to ensuring every student has the chance to be heard and thrive.
  • Don't eliminate entire programs! While the current economic reality means there will have to be cuts to all programs, we urge you to avoid eliminating entire arts programs and initiatives (like elementary music!) that will take decades to rebuild. 


  • Wednesday, June 17 @ 7pm
    Study Session: Virtual Special Board of Education Meeting
  • Thursday, June 18 @ 7pm
    Virtual Board of Education Meeting
  • Thursday, June 25 @ 7pm
    Virtual Board of Education Meeting: Budget Adoption

Feel free to reach out the Arts for LA team with any further questions.