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As the COVID-19 crisis reshapes the reality of life in LA and communities across the world, Arts for LA understands that artists and cultural organizations have a key role to play in meeting the challenges of this moment. Our Creative Communities in Crisis Open Letter is calling for policymakers and grant makers to: 

  • Include artists and arts organizations in relief and recovery funds
  • Provide publicly-backed emergency grants and interest free loans to artists and nonprofit arts organizations
  • Create protections & provide immediate support for the contract workers that make up over half of Southern California’s creative sector
  • Pool relief funds for artists and arts organizations among philanthropic foundations
  • Relax grantee requirements/deliverables now unmeetable due to outbreak
  • Increase unrestricted, flexible funding by public and private grant makers to allow small & mid sized organizations to adapt to evolving situations.

Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world and Angelenos have always understood that the ability to create and experience art is a fundamental human need. The arts are not optional - they are vital to our economy and the wellbeing of our families. Throughout history, the arts have been essential to Los Angeles’s progress and resilience. Today, in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, our city’s artists are already on the frontlines - helping Angelenos unite, find beauty, and forge community. Do not leave us behind.

Over 750 arts advocates have added their name to an open letter asking policymakers and grant makers to provide emergency funding for artists.

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I am an artist in LA. My work impacts my community by_____________. Without emergency funding, I __________.

I work for ____________, a community arts organization in LA that impacts my community by_____________. Without emergency funding, we ____________________. 

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Submit Public Comment to the LA County Board of Supervisors

In lieu of in-person meetings during the COVID-19 crisis, the LA County Board of Supervisors will be reviewing written comments before board meetings. Written commenting is a process that allows individuals, organizations, and business to provide written input to the Board of Supervisors. These comments are entered into the public record.
As with verbal commenting, written commenting is an important way to make your voice heard in decision-making. Public comments strengthen the arts community’s position by providing decision makers facts or perspectives that might be lacking. The goal of commenting is to help the Board of Supervisors make informed decisions that accurately reflect the best interests of our community. 
Written public comment must be sent to Executiveoffice@bos.lacounty.gov.
Submit it no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, March 30th. 
 Please include the Agenda item (#26) and meeting date (March 31, 2020) in your correspondence.
Correspondence received shall become part of the official record.
We need to make sure our local officials are hearing from the arts community. The LA County Board of Supervisors is voting tomorrow to proclaim April as Arts Month. Let us thank the Board for recognizing the value of our community to bring people together, heal, and stimulate the region's economy, and encourage County leadership to further their support by providing emergency funding for those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. 
Outline for effective public comment:
Subject line: Public Comment for Agenda Item 26 BOS Meeting - 3/31/20
  1. Thank the Board for acknowledging the value of LA's arts community. 
  3. Please include the Agenda item (#26) and meeting date (March 31, 2020) in your correspondence.
  4. Who are you? Be sure to include where you live, work, or run programming (ie what Supervisorial District you live/work in. Check out this map if you're not sure). This is about putting a face to "the arts."
  5. What impact has your work had on the community? Be sure to use specifics - # of employees/paid jobs, # of people served, ways you support the local economy. This is about communicating your VALUE.
  6. What impact has the COVID outbreak had on your work/organization? Again, be specific - lost revenue, # of employees that no longer have work, # of constituents that no longer have jobs. This is about URGENCY OF NEED.
  7. What happens without emergency funding? Be specific about consequences. This is about communicating HIGH STAKES.

Other tips: 

  • Use clear organization, formatting, and language. Use subject headings throughout your comment to draw attention to key points.
  • Be brief, but make sure you hit all your points. Try to limit your written comment to less than one page.




As California's Legislature and the Newsom Administration and Congress and the Trump Administration consider new forms of federal and state economic assistance that may be targeted or widespread, artists and performing arts groups can join with others in the arts and nonprofit sectors to speak up to ensure that relief will meet all community needs.



As the federal government drafts an economic relief package to provide emergency relief to American workers and businesses, it is critical that arts and cultural institutions—along with their employees—are supported in this package. In a package of nearly $2 trillion, we are urging Congress to include $4 billion in relief for nonprofit museums and cultural institutions and their workers. We are also urging Congress to adopt a temporary "universal charitable deduction" that will help incentivize more charitable giving at a time when we project a steep decline.  


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