Why Being "In the Solution" Matters

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa with Arts Advocates




Executive Director Danielle Brazell blogs on how providing a solution can be the most effective advocacy strategy.





Arts Education: Foundation for My Future

Arts for LAAs an intern for Arts for LA, I would like to introduce myself and what better way than to tell my story through the impact of the arts!  As a visual artist and arts management graduate student, the arts have been central to my personal and professional development.  There have been three key points in my life that have affirmed my calling to arts advocacy.  Hope you enjoy the first of three blogs which are dedicated

Advocacy: Proactive, Reactive and Always Present

Advocates in Los Angeles City Hall



What can a network of 20,000 civically engaged people do to change the way the arts and arts education is valued, supported and made accessible to all in a county of 10 million? 




And So It Begins (Ho Ho Advocacy Season)

Danielle Brazell, Executive Director of Arts for LA



Executive Director Danielle Brazell previews Advocacy Season, when planning and funding decisions are made at all levels of government.





Arts & Business in a Rural Community

Lauri Sturdivant, Executive Director of Siskiyou Arts Council





Guest blogger Lauri Sturdivant describes how a rural California county developed a successful arts & business partnership.





The People in Your Neighborhood

Cindy Marie Jenkins




Cindy Marie Jenkins blogs on how artists, arts organizations and neighborhood councils are working together to impact communities.





Making the Arts Personal

 Sandy Seufert, blogger for Arts for LA



Sandy Seufert, Manager of Curriculum and Teaching Artist Development for The Music Center, blogs on the importance of continuing to practice your art.





If You're Reading This...

 Tom Tresser blogs for Arts for LA


(1) You’re a Leader, and (2) Run!


Educator, organizer and activist Thomas Tresser wants you-- yes, you-- to consider running for office in 2012.




Got creativity? 

If you’re reading this, no doubt you do.

How Data Supports Advocacy

Danielle Brazell, Executive Director of Arts for LA



Executive Director Danielle Brazell blogged for Otis College of Art & Design's Creative Economy Report.

View its original post and other commentary by clicking here.



Raising Money from Individual Donors

Jerry Yoshitomi, Arts Consultant




Consultant Jerry Yoshitomi blogs on innovative strategies for cultivating individual donors for arts & cultural organizations.