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Arts Bridging the Gap

Los Angeles, CA

Arts Bridging the Gap Summary
Arts Bridging the Gap is a 501(c)3 Social Justice organization that uplifts the voices, experiences, and self-expression of youth from under resourced communities through immersive arts programs. We seek to cultivate the skills, mindsets, and connections that will allow youth to be their best and fullest selves, as individuals and as members of diverse, thriving communities. We currently offer five educational programs that utilize the arts to provide resources and support for children in vulnerable areas to realize their full potential.

Art for Social Change Program Summary
Art for Social Change is an after-school art program we offer as part of our Arts+Wellness Program. This is a year-long program, split into cycles of six to eight sessions, each being led by rotating teaching artists. At the culmination of each cycle, a muralist and/or teaching artist takes various aspects of what the students discussed and created during those weeks, and designs a mural for the school wall, in which the entire community is invited to participate in painting. The sessions incorporate aspects of mural-making, but more so, they work to develop students’ wellness and mindfulness through empathy building, trauma healing, restorative justice, creative expression, and civic leadership.

Teaching Artist Summary
The Teaching Artist is the lead role when working directly with students for ABG programs. TAs play a crucial role in the success of the program they are teaching for, taking on various roles including facilitator, mentor, and teacher. ABG TAs are experienced in creating safe learning spaces to positively nurture students’ mental health and self-efficacy. TAs interact with students, community members, school administrators, school teachers, artists, and other ABG TAs. ABG is seeking a specific TA for the Art for Social Change Program at Maywood Academy in Southeast LA and/or at Los Angeles High School in the Mid-Wilshire area to collaborate on lesson plans based on the overarching objectives of the program and to lead the weekly two hour sessions of learning and art-making. We hope the TA helps represent the community and demographics of Maywood and LA High, in order to be culturally responsive and have a vested interest in the community and the arts.

Duties and Responsibilities
-Teach two hour classes
-Create lessons to support the program’s overarching goals and themes
-Read ABG’s Empathy Curriculum and use it as the foundation for teaching methods and activities
-Plan and establish a safe learning and creation space
-Model positive behavior and be a role-model for students
-Mentor and support artistic ideas and achievements
-Report weekly ideas and concerns in regards to lessons, facility, learning, and attendance
-Participate in planning and debrief meetings with ABG staff and other TAs before, during, and after the program
-Be effective at communication, responding to all emails with necessary information
-Adhere to all policies and protocols
-Attend ABG’s Teaching Artist Training and Reflection session
-Notify ABG in a timely fashion when supplies are low and needed
-Submit reimbursement forms in a timely fashion
-Be sensitive to youth who are affected by trauma
-Be willing to do professional development paid for by ABG including trauma-informed training eventually
-Perform other duties as assigned

Desirable Skills and Qualifications
-Must be creative, even if not a visual artist, having some level of artistic experience and reference with which to teach
-3+ years working in a similar role
-Preferable to have formal education/training in an arts or education related field or commensurate experience
-Skilled in creating safe spaces for students to thrive in, especially when creating art and discussing topics relevant to social change
-Work well with people in various communities and schools
-Cultural competency to work with students from diverse backgrounds
-Skilled in engaging students, making them feel heard and appreciated
-Responsible and punctual
-Embraces a growth mindset
-Experience in team building and community organizing is helpful
-Proficient in Google Suite applications
-Personable, effective, and timely communicator
-Loves art and working with adolescents
-Strong devotion to social change and individual health through community empowerment and the arts

Physical Requirements and Work Environment
-Must be open to working in-person at Maywood Academy High School and/or Los Angeles High School, with the possibility of other school sites for other programs
-Must also be flexible in adapting to remote or hybrid settings if the situation arises with COVID protocols
-Must have reliable transportation in order to travel to school site(s)
-Must be willing to undergo clearances/background checks for school sites
-Must be willing to get a TB test and go through CPR certification if in-person at school sites (covered by ABG)
-Must have proof of vaccination if interacting with students as required by all LAUSD schools by October 15, 2021
-Must be willing to get COVID tests weekly (at school site or through outside facility with ABG covering the costs)

Salary and Schedule
-$50 hourly. Non-exempt contracted position
-Position is expected to work a minimum of two hours a week for six to eight week intervals. Possibility for more work throughout the year for the same program and for other ABG programs

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected] with “TA Application - [Your Name]” in the subject line by 11/8/2021.

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