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City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts

Compton, Long Beach, Los Angeles, or Paramount

About the Organization
City Hearts is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest quality art education and experiences to children in the most economically stressed neighborhoods of Los Angeles County, thereby enhancing self-esteem, creativity, literacy, social and academic skills while strengthening the health and vitality of the children and their community.

City Hearts inspires a love of the arts, an appreciation of creative discipline, and respect for the creative process, enabling children and youth to be confident, imaginative, tolerant, generous and cooperative, as well as caring and contributing participants in the global community.

Purpose of Position
The Teaching Artist provides instruction in a particular art forum at no charge to elementary, middle, and/or high school students (ages 5-18) in Los Angeles County in order to provide access and exposure to high-quality arts education to students who would otherwise not have the opportunity, based on socio-economic factors.



  • Provide group instruction in the designated art form (including but not limited to Dance, Literary Arts (Playwriting/Storytelling, Shakespeare), Musical Theatre, Music (Guitar/Songwriting), and Visual Arts (Photography) to children ranging from elementary to high school levels with varied or no previous experience in the arts. Temper instruction to the appropriate age range and level of the class in order to maximize learning for all students.
  • Outline and plan syllabus and curriculum according to the length and format of the teaching engagement. Gain approval on the teaching content from the Programs Manager prior to beginning instruction.
  • Utilize classroom management techniques to optimize the learning environment. Partner with school personnel for support as needed. Create a nurturing and engaging environment for all students.


Report hours worked to City Hearts staff. Report on progress as required by Programs Manager. Liaise with school staff as needed. Participate in staff meetings with City Hearts. Plan and conduct rehearsals as required. Report any discipline or performance issues or teaching concerns to the Program Manager in order to mitigate challenges and optimize the learning environment. Show punctuality and respect

Assessment and Professional Development:

As required participate in professional development and/or training as dictated by City Hearts and the Programs Manager. According to the curriculum, provide feedback and assessment to students and teachers to help students progress within the art form.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities/Qualifications

Teaching artists will demonstrate:
Mastery in the designated subject.
Proficiency in lesson planning and documentation of curriculum.
Competent written and oral communication.
Comfort with online platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Office or online Payroll system.
Ability to provide and receive constructive feedback in a collaborative environment.
Integrity, accessibility and motivation to provide meaningful arts instruction to students.


As an equal opportunity employer, City Hearts values having a diverse workforce and continuously strives to maintain an inclusive and equitable workplace. We encourage people with a diverse range of backgrounds to apply. We do not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, handicap, pregnancy, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristics.

Please email cover letter and resume to [email protected] by 12/31/21, including specialization in a particular art form and any past experience teaching children from diverse, under-resourced neighborhoods.
$45-$50/instructional hour; $20/administrative hour

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