Teaching Artists

Harmony Project Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

Harmony Project Los Angeles is one of Southern California's largest music education non-profits, where we use music education to provide students with the skills and resources needed to thrive in school, in their community, and in life. 
Harmony Project is actively hiring Teaching Artists for the following positions:

YOLA @ EXPO : Cello TA | Violin TA ***HIRING TWO POSITIONS*** | Tuba TA | Percussion TA

HYO @ Alexandria: Tuba/Low Brass TA

RYO @ Lawndale & Lennox: Mariachi TA ***NEW*** Cello TA

Please follow the links above to view full job descriptions for each. You can also check out our careers website for a variety of other job listings (teaching or otherwise). We hope to hear back from you soon!

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