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Liberated Arts Collective

Los Angeles, CA


The Liberated Arts Collective began in 2016, as a collaboration between formerly incarcerated individuals, teachers and artists who were invested in art as a tool for personal & community liberation, cultural expression and social change. We facilitate art and music programs for individuals living in transitional housing.  Current participants in our workshops are involved in the TAY (Transition-Aged Youth) program, who are young adults, aging out of foster care, and MIST (Misdemenor Incompetent to Stand Trial) alternative sentencing program, who are formerly-homeless adult males 18-65 years of age.  Many of our workshop participants have been diagnosed with a mental health condition and/or have been released from jail, prison, hospital or psychiatric facility, and our workshops are part of a holistic collection of supportive services to aid them in their re-entry into the community.

Due to the success of our participants, the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health is now funding our Liberated Arts workshops, and we have received financial support from the Department of Cultural Affairs to develop programming at new sites.  Because of this and other developments, Liberated Arts Collective is soliciting proposals from experienced teaching artists who are interested in learning about our program and developing visual and performance art workshops that engage participants in creative problem solving, collaboration and individual reflection.



We are looking for visual and performing artists to join our team and teach Two-, Four-, and eight-week workshops starting in the month of April. Pay starts at $150 per two-hour workshop session, with a small materials budget. We currently work with sites in Compton, South Central, and West Adams. 



If you are interested in proposing a session or any questions you may have about the program, please send the following info to [email protected]

We will begin reviewing proposals on March 19th

  • Resume with relevant experience
  • Names, phones, and email addresses of two professional references (describe relationship)
  • Evidence of any relevant lessons or projects you have head in the past
  • Answers to the following questions to the best of your ability:
  1. Please describe your interest and experience in joining the Liberated Arts Collective as a teaching artist
  2. Will your proposed workshop be two weeks, four weeks or eight weeks?What techniques will you cover: Visual Art, Performance, Creative Movement, Writing or Music
  3. Proposed Workshop Description.Please specific about materials budget needed.(Feel free to propose more than one workshop idea, especially for shorter, two-week workshop proposals):
  4. What icebreakers, opening and closing rituals would you incorporate into your workshop.Please be specific
  5. Have you taught individuals with similar demographics to those we serve? What personal or work experience have you had that has shaped your approach to teaching?
  6. Describe how your proposed workshop will engage participants in creative problem solving, collaboration, individual reflection and/or contribute to the overall goal of preparing participants for re-entry into their community?

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