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Havaya Arts Camp

Redlands, CA


Teaching Artist – Summer Staff Position

Havaya Arts is a brand new high-quality arts and summer camp experience. Here, vibrant Jewish communal life enhances our art, which in turn enhances Jewish life and identity. It’s where kids become the best versions of themselves. We are looking for experienced Teaching Artists to lead our core arts classes this summer. Based on-site at University of Redlands (Redlands, CA), these artists will support our joyful, welcoming, and progressive Jewish community where campers grow as intentional artists and amazing human beings.


Teaching Artists will provide meaningful instruction in both studio and elective classes (approximately 4-6 hours of instruction time per day) as well as engage in our larger camp community.

We are seeking one exceptional teaching artist to lead each of our core arts disciplines:

·      Visual Arts (preference towards artists with experience in multiple mediums)

·      Theater (preference towards artists with experience in playwriting and directing)

·      Music (preference towards multiple instrument musicians and composers)

·      Dance/Movement (preference towards dancers with extensive choreography experience)



Teaching artists are responsible for collaborating with the camp directors on curriculum, engaging with counselors and other staff, helping to shape their cohort of campers, and supporting the mission of “camper driven, original art.”



Qualified Candidates Will:

·      Have a degree (or equivalent) in their field; advanced degrees strongly preferred

·      Be currently working in their field

·      Have significant (3+ years) relevant teaching experience

·      Possess an openness to weaving Judaism and our core values into their studios

·      Have experience, and a love of, working closely with kids

·      Be excited about working in a collaborative, immersive environment


Expectations for All Staff Members

At Havaya Arts, our staff community is built on trust and compassion. To that end, we expect that all staff members, regardless of position at camp and whether you are at camp for one night or all summer, demonstrate the following behaviors:

1. Participate: we expect that all staff members participate in all camp-related activities when they are on duty

2.    Make things fun: we expect that all staff members look to elevate the fun and joy of being at camp and making art

3.    No distractions: we expect that when you are on-duty there is nothing more important than what is “right in front of you” (i.e. the task, the conversation, the person, etc.)[1]

4.    Be proactive: we expect that all staff will not wait for things to come to them, but that you will go to “them”

5.    Names: we expect that all staff will learn the name of every member of our community

6.    Ask open ended questions: we expect that our staff will ask open-ended questions - questions that do not have answers embedded in them

7.    Bring new ideas: we expect that our staff members will have wonderful ideas arise during camp and that they will share them with the leadership team in order to make camp better

8.    Take care of yourself: we expect that every staff member will take care of themselves so that they can bring their whole self to the work and play of camp

9.    Ask and offer feedback graciously and generously: we expect that every staff member will use moments of problem-solving/ decision-making as an opportunity to learn and grow

[1] If there is something happening in your personal or professional life that could cause you to be distracted we want to know! It is important to us that we support the entire person to be able to be fully present at camp.



Teaching artists will be provided housing and meals on campus during the entire seven-week contract, June 10-July 30, 2018. 






High School



[email protected]


Please send a cover letter with artist statement and teaching resume to [email protected]. The subject of the email should read "Teaching Artist Application". If you have a digital portfolio or website, feel free to share as well! 

No phone calls at this time.

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