Time Capsule Submission

LA County Arts Commission

Los Angeles, CA

The LA County Arts Commission, in collaboration with Supervisorial District One and the Department of Public Works has just completed the renovation and conservation of the Fort Moore Memorial. During the renovation, a time capsule was unearthed from the base of the flag pole, presumably buried during the original construction in 1957. The time capsule contained photographs and documents related to the fort, the memorial project, and life in Los Angeles circa 1957.
In celebration of the re-dedication of the memorial on July 3rd, the Civic Art Program is collecting submissions for a new time capsule. The new time capsule will reflect stories, memories, and mementos to represent the peoples, cultures, and communities that make up Los Angeles County in 2019, to be sealed for a future generation to discover. This call for submissions is open to all residents of Los Angeles County.
Your submission:
-        Can be from an individual or group
-        Can be a story, drawing, photograph, poem, small book, small object
-        Must be smaller than 8.5 x 11” if flat, or 2 x 2 x 1” if object
-        Is accompanied with a brief description of the item, how does it reflect your Los Angeles and/or what you want to share with future Angelenos?
Please submit your idea for the time capsule (a photo, or digital copy) to [email protected] or to this online form no later than Friday, May 17th, 2019.
For more information on Fort Moore and the time capsule, please visit our website.


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