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Who Gives a Crap - Creative Team

Los Angeles, CA

Want to spend your days creating hard working video content AND make a difference in the world?

A bit about us:

Who Gives A Crap makes toilet paper that’s good for the planet, good for people and good for your bum. All of our products are made sustainably without trees and we donate 50% of profits to help build toilets in developing countries. To date, we've donated over $1,300,000 and we're just getting started!

We're one of the fastest growing ecommerce businesses in Australia, and are now aggressively entering the North American and European markets, with insanely ambitious growth targets for this year and beyond. We currently have a team of about 60 people working out of “hubs” Melbourne, Manilla, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. We’re never happy with the status quo, though, so we’re planning to double or triple our team in the next year, and we won’t stop growing until everyone in the world has access to a toilet. So... that’s where you come in! 

A bit about the role:


As our Video Content Creator, you’ll take the reins on filming and editing a wide range of video content. Think paid ads on FB and IG, how-to videos, unboxing videos, website video assets, an IG story of our in-house puppy Charlie, demo vids and content for our YouTube channel. 


Reporting to our Design Lead, you’ll be the one stop shop in making all of our video content. We want thumb-stopping content and we’ll be looking to you to ideate, execute and iterate to deliver this. 


This will be our first official in-house video role! We’ve leveraged a combination of some handy camcorder skills mixed with agency and freelance help but we think there’s enough for someone to really take ownership and run with this full-time. Right now, our crystal ball tells us we have enough work in the wings to build out a roadmap for the next 6 months so we’ll be initially offering a 6 month contract whilst we work with you to understand what the future holds. 


If you worked here this past month here are some things you might have been involved in:


  • Shot and edited a series of ads to test on our Facebook and Instagram channels; i.e. a quirky unboxing of our Recycled 48 box
  • Re-cut / shot new introductions to our highest performing videos in a super quick turnaround
  • Went on a surprise team excursion and participated in our weekly creative team exercise
  • Brainstormed some amazing ways to push our brand, make our ads scrappy and high performing in the world of video content with the growth and creative teams
  • Found quality stock footage, backing tracks, talent and places to film with the help of our Creative Workflow Manager
  • Made a cute video of our new office puppy Charlie to use on our instagram channel
  • Brainstormed ways to bring our Plastic Free July campaign to life in video
  • Dug into the performance of our recent paid ads and social media posts with our teams and pulled out some key learnings for your next shoot
  • Made a scrappy stop motion video of our TP rolls for Instagram
  • Baked something chocolatey for the office (we have a roster, it’s VERY important)
  • Catalogued our video assets where our teams can easily access them
  • Attended a lot of very serious meetings where we all get to say crap and bum a lot
  • Brainstormed new ways we can measure our Creative Team’s performance in our upcoming quarterly OKR’s
  • Found the perfect trees to play the important roles of backdrop to your Plastic Free July video

Let’s talk about you

You might be a “YouTuber”, be working on in-house content at an eCommerce company or work in an agency but one thing is for sure, you know your stuff when it comes to making high performing, scrappy, delightful video content. If you’re a perfectionist, this job might not be for you. We’re all about getting ideas out into the world, testing and iterating. It’s fun, creative, challenging and you get instant results on your work!  


You love to geek out on the latest in video trends and you’re probably already full with ideas on how to apply them to TP. 


You tell a good story

You love all the ways that video can help a brand tell a story and you’d love the chance for that story to have a genuine impact on the world (whilst making people smile). You’ve got experience telling all sorts of stories in a range of formats and you’ll bring a mix of best practice and ground breaking ideas for us to trial to help us spread the word. 


You’re bendy

You can switch from a ground breaking, best-in-class production through to creating a super scrappy iPhone video of your colleague without breaking a sweat. Video is your first love but you still embrace the chance to pitch in and contribute crazy ideas to the rest of the team.


We love ideas people, and on top of our paid ads, we would love you to weigh in on our other campaigns and help bring them to life via content.  


You make your content work hard for its money

You’re full of creative ways to make a few assets go a long way and you know how to make them work hard. You dig into the performance metrics of your material to learn where you can iterate and improve. You’re frugal with your time and you’re not too proud to repurpose something old to make it look shiny and new again. 


You heart feedback and learning
Always. You love getting tips and tricks from your co-workers and welcome new ideas. Passionate people! They’re the best. You enjoy the corkscrew journey of launching, testing, learning and iterating. 


You give a crap

Yep. We’re all here because we genuinely want to make the world a better place with our work, and we want you to want that too! Awwww.


Why you should work with us

Every minute you spend working with us, you’re making a difference. The more we grow, the bigger an impact we’ll have. Sell your soul no longer! We think that’s a pretty great perk, but we don’t stop there…

If you have a great idea, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. This is the kind of role that will be hard to find anywhere else: you’ll work with an incredible bunch of passionate people to grow a fast-paced startup at a crucial point in its trajectory.

The job is also super flexible, something we’re working hard to hold onto even as we grow really quickly. We started the business remotely, and now have hubs in 4 cities around the world. While the LA team spends most of the week together in the Downtown office, you can also mix it up and work from home or your favourite cafe!  And while we don’t have a Friday drinks cart (yet), you will get free toilet paper. A lot of it. And nothing beats that.


Lastly, you get to say the word ‘crap’ more than in any other job. Guaranteed.



This depends on your experience but just because we’re a social enterprise doesn’t mean you’ll get paid peanuts. Think chocolate covered macadamia nuts with some extra perks thrown in. In other words, we pay competitively and are determined to make this the best job you'll ever have – you won’t ever want to leave!

We also make sure to share a suite of sweet perks with you like generous paid vacation, loads of flexibility, great health insurance, 401(k) matching, access to our digital mental wellbeing platform and a whole lot of other stuff. Oh, and did we mention the free toilet paper?


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