Volunteer Mentor Artists

Venice Arts

Los Angeles, CA


Artist mentors assist the Teaching Artist in youth media arts workshops for ages 6–18. Our mentors guide and support our students, share their experiences, help the student improve their craft, and encourages them to come forward with their ideas. The ideal artist-mentor has experience in photography, filmmaking, animation, or visual art. Experience teaching or working with youth is preferred, but not required. This is a great way to gain teaching experience, and inspire young people to hone their craft.

Artist mentor volunteers will be trained by Venice Arts, and mentor in our youth programs. Our Spring training session is on January 20, 2018.



Our Spring program runs Tuesday through Saturday from January 27th through April 28th, 2018. Most of our workshops meet once a week for 2 hours while our advanced studies workshops meet once a week for 4 hours either in the afterschool hours (4pm-6pm) or on Saturdays (10am-12pm or 1-4pm).  Workshops are taught by a team of artists comprised of a Lead Artist with a background and experience in education, who works collaboratively with volunteer artist-mentors. With classes of 8–12 students, our goal is to provide a teaching and mentoring ratio of no higher than 1:4.



Please email us at [email protected] ("Volunteer Artist Mentor" in the subject line) to request an application.  



VENICE ARTS is a 24 year-old, award-winning youth arts nonprofit, which offers free workshops for low-income families in photography, filmmaking, animation, and multimedia. Venice Arts is an excellent place to build your skills and expand your knowledge in media arts, arts education, participant photography and filmmaking, and arts administration. 

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