Volunteer Opportunity

Empowerment Congress Summit 2018

Los Angeles, CA

Building the Empowerment Congress Village!
Empowerment Congress Summit 2018

Construction all week in Expo Park... we need all hands on deck!


Exposition Park Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas
(in Exposition Park, just southeast of the Natural History Museum)


We have been given a wonderful opportunity to create an arts village to activate civic engagement, in the wake of the first major debate of the CA Governor's race...and we need your help to make it a reality!

This coming week (Jan 8th - 12th) we'll be constructing ELEVEN major structures -- doorways, or "portals" for the exhibit spaces of the ten different Empowerment Congress Committees (Arts and Culture, Economic Development, Education, Emerging Civic Leaders, Land Use and Environment, Health, Human Services, Mental Health, Public Safety and Justice, Senior Services; and the Empowerment Congress Administration) and one for the EC as a whole. The process of constructing and decorating eleven major set pieces to illuminate the work of the Empowerment Congress will be a major task, and we NEED your help to make it happen.

Our vision is to create a unique and creative portal entry way for each Committee that helps to amplify or underscore the work of that Committee, attracts visitors to their space, and incorporates a unifying motif that amplifies the theme of the festival, "Community is the Heart of Democracy."


  • Artists or craft makers who have worked on creative large form objects
  • Artists and creators who can transform spaces, using various techniques and materials
  • Individuals who are accustomed to working with hand tools build things
  • Designers who can work with text and images on large surface by freehand or computer
  • Individuals who can support with administrative/producing duties
  • Good coordinators who can help coordinators with multiple elements of the production
  • General helpers
  • Donations: Food and water for the crew during production or art/ building/ decorative supplies.


  • Tuesday (01/09/18)- Thursday (01/11/18): We need a lot of help sawing, painting, and constructing the portals.
  • Friday (01/12/18): We need a large crew to help transport it all and affix it to the structure in one epic afternoon.
  • Saturday (01/13/18): General volunteers for the Empowerment Congress Summit “Festival of Democracy”

Come for the food, the company, and the cause!

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form to sign up:


PLEASE NOTE: Our budget is very limited and time is pressing so we will have to be creative and work quickly. We encourage you to sign up for as many hours as you can manage, ANDhelp spread the word by sharing this invitation with people, pages and organizations you love. 

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