Volunteer Opportunity: Fulcrum Arts AxS Festival 2018

Fulcrum Arts

Pasadena, CA

Fulcrum Arts is looking for volunteers to support the 2018 A×S Festival, a regional celebration of art and science, taking place from Friday, November 2 through Sunday, November 11, 2018. This ongoing festival features exhibitions, performances, and educational programming online and in public in collaboration with a dozen locations including local science and cultural institutions. The A×S Festival provides opportunities for discovering the fascinations, curiosities, and tensions ignited by pondering integrations of art and science.

November 2: Lawrence English's Seirá Group Listening Event
Australian artist Lawrence English will present a site-specific public sound artwork that re-appropriates the decommissioned Los Angeles Civil Defense System, using its networked topography across the county as a means considering sound’s evolving role in the public sphere. The work will consist of a twelve-minute sound composition by English that will be broadcast simultaneously across six of the remaining civil defense sirens across the greater Los Angeles area every day at dusk. On November 2, we will have an organized group listening event and Q&A with the artist at one of the siren locations.


November 7*: Fulcrum Arts Benefit
Fulcrum Arts’ 2018 annual benefit will honor composer William Basinski and The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) at Caltech. The event will feature the world premiere performance from Selva Oscura, the new album from Basinski and Lawrence English, a new collaborative work.
*Volunteers support also needed for the day prior, Nov 6


Nov 11: Closing Event: Sunstar Gazing Party
Memorial Park, Pasadena (Across from Armory Center for the Arts)
Sunstar is an art/science work by Liliane Lijn, artist, and John Vallerga, astrophysicist at UC Berkeley Space Science Lab. Sunstar is a large-scale and far reaching daytime installation sited on the historic 150’ Solar Tower on Mount Wilson. Using engineered glass prisms and specially designed code, a spray of diffracted sunlight is projected to specific locations, making the solar spectrum visible just at the meeting point of earth and sky in the form of a sparkling star.

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This year, the A×S Festival embraces the model of the “wunderkammer,” or “cabinet of curiosities.” Emerging in the Renaissance period, the wunderkammer is an ancestor of the modern museum. These collections stored and exhibited a wide variety of objects and artifacts, and also played a fundamental role in the development of modern science. They typically combined natural specimens, proto-scientific equipment, and objects representing multiple disciplines, and marked the intersection of science, metaphysics, and art.

“City as Wunderkammer” expands this model to embrace arts and culture on a civic scale, and reimagines the city as its own cabinet of curiosities. Often referred to as “The City of Art and Science,” Pasadena embodies many of the qualities of a wunderkammer, with an abundance of art, science, and faith-based institutions all in close proximity to one another. It is through these unique juxtapositions that we hope to foster new ways of seeing and thinking about the interrelationships between art, science, culture, community, and citizenship.

More about the festival and its programming at www.axsfestival.org

To sign up to volunteer contact [email protected]

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