Volunteer Opportunity: The Big Show

Young Storytellers

Los Angeles, CA

We have an amazing volunteer opportunity for those interested in creative writing!
We are looking for Mentors who support the program for 4 sessions and at the culmination (The Big Show). Mentors can have a background in teaching, writing or theatre, but these are not prerequisites. The students have the ideas - you just help them come out.
This is a ten lesson creative writing program done in 7th grade English Language Arts classrooms and with the support of a participating classroom teacher. Over the course of the program, students will identify an obstacle that stands in their way of their personal interests and/or aspirations and create a one page soliloquy that expresses their views on the obstacle in addition to their perspective on a contrasting viewpoint.
Students will begin the program by exploring their interests, strengths, beliefs, and, aspirations in order to deepen their understanding of how outside factors shape their personal perspectives. After developing a greater understanding of their point of view, students will explore and discuss the perspectives of others in order to develop a well rounded understanding of viewpoints that contradict their own.
The program will culminate in a show where professional actors perform student created soliloquies live and students express the inspiration behind their creative choices.
Please email me at [email protected] for more information.

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