Volunteers: Fundraiser Event

Fundraiser Event

Hollywood, CA

Volunteers to help with Fundraiser Event that is slated for October in Hollywood. These are the things we will need help with:

Leading up to the event:

1) PR: Helping reaching out to celebrities and art collectors.

2) SPONSORSHIPS: Someone to help find a few more sponsors. We already have a few onboard.

3) PRESS: Someone who has contacts with local Art Magazines or is themselves a Writer for a local magazine or blog.

Event Night:

4) HOST/GREETER: Someone to welcome guests and answer any questions about the event and the charity.

5) PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHERS: Someone to cover the event, take stills and short video clips.

6) INSTALLATION: Someone to help install some of the art pieces for the event. This may be two afternoons worth of work. the days right before the event.

Please contact us with a resume and tells us which position and why: [email protected]

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