Wood Shop Technician

UC Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA

Job Open Date: 10/20/21

Application Review Begins: 11/4/21

Work Location: ARTS Bldg. Arts Labs (534,0246, 0248)

Pay Rate/Range: $29.08 - $31.87/hr.

Days/Hours: M-F, 8-5

Benefits Eligibility: Full benefits


Department Marketing Statement

The Department of Art is a dynamic, open learning environment for the production of individual and collaborative art. We are makers, thinkers, and problem solvers, and we invite you to join in the process of discovery.

Brief Summary of Job Duties

Under the supervision of the Facilities Manager and in consultation with the Department Chair and Area faculty, holds primary
responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the Wood Shop and yard and helps with operations in the Atrium with working knowledge of other 3D fabrication shops in department. Monitors the use of the Wood Shop & Atrium for the purposes of ensuring proper and safe use of the shop and its equipment by students, staff, and faculty. Keeps Wood Shop stocked with necessary supplies and materials for course instruction and special projects. Ensures shop equipment is in good operating order. Assists the Facilities Manager and Financial Analyst with tracking inventory, by keeping materials records up to date materials/purchasing records up to date and available.

With Consult of the chair and/or relevant faculty and Facilities Manager, conducts demonstrations, and provides guidance on basic carpentry techniques (i.e. woodworking, cabinet making, light construction and installation) for undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty. Complies with safety standards regarding general wood shop use and safe use of materials and equipment. Functions as a team member with other Arts facilities staff. Cross trains in other Arts facilities areas in order to provide flexible exchange with other lab areas and to be able to cover other these areas as needed.

Minimum Requirements

  • Knowledge of, and experience using wood-working tools equipment as relevant to contemporary art research/practices..
  • Knowledge of safety gear required in the application of power tools, hand tools, general construction procedures and procedures associated with the use of woodworking tools as applied to contemporary art practices.
  • Knowledge of best practices to ensure the safety access and productivity of all students, instructors, and visitors to the woodshop who are engaging in, or observing, the use of power tools and construction of projects.
  • Ability to work within timelines and juggle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Understanding of safety practices and Environmental Health and Safety policies and procedures.
  • Comfortable working in an open lab environment with any combination of classes, student, faculty, departmental, or special research/instructional projects happening at any given time.
  • Must be very reliable, organized and able to pay attention to detail and prioritize.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment.
  • Project management skills including leading and facilitating.
  • Ability to work in a socially and culturally diverse environment with learners of various degrees of knowledge and abilies.
  • Able to exercise emotional intelligence as an effective management tool.
  • Must possess updated and effective computer skills and perform/ prioritize work, and perform a variety of tasks simultaneously under the pressure of deadlines.
  • Is current on computer aided 3D design software knowledge relevant to contemporary art research/instruction and compatible with department needs or ability to learn within the first 6 months of employment.
  • Relevant Knowledge of architectural 3D design/fabrication and general construction as applicable to contemporary art research
  • Capacity to adapt skills and technologies to new applications in contemporary art.
  • Understanding of digital/material assembly interface and fabrication techniques with wood and other materials.
  • Ability to learn and apply techniques used in the atrium as well learn the equipment in the foundry and atrium areas
  • Familiarity and understanding of artistic practices

Desirable Qualifications

  • Experience in training or teaching small groups of people new skills.
  • MFA highly desirable
  • Working knowledge of CAD
  • Experience with Laser cutters and CNC Milling

Special Conditions of Employment


Special Instructions

For full consideration, please include a resume and a cover letter as part of your application.


Job Functions/Percentage of Time/Duties

1 Yes 50 Daily Wood Shop, Atrium Operations & Support

Monitors the use of the Wood Shop to ensure the proper and safe use of the shop and its equipment. Responsible for keeping the Wood Shop, yard, and painting labs in good production condition, clean and well-organized. Works as a team to assist with the functioning of the Atrium.

Notifies the Facilities Manager of, and assists as directed, with any needed repairs of the machinery, wood shop equipment, and furniture. Keeps the Wood Shop stocked with the necessary supplies and materials for course instruction and special projects.

Schedules the Wood Shop, yard, and painting lab facilities to accommodate class activities and open lab times.

Provides demonstrations to graduate, undergraduate staff, and faculty researchers on the basic and advanced uses the wood shop equipment (table saw, miter saw, drill press, radial arm saw, jointer, band saw, thickness planer, specialty tools) and hand tools (including electric drills, electric hand planer, hammers, skill saws, air nailer, etc.) and Atrium equipment when required. Assists with special emphasis on safety rules and safe practices.

Works with faculty for direction on on the upkeep and preparation of class painting rooms including easel maintenance, patch and paint, furniture organization, etc. Provides demonstrations of stretcher bar and panel canvas construction.

Cross trains with other Arts Facilities staff in order to work in and cover in other areas and shops when needed.

Supports all courses and Arts department personnel, as well as College of Creative Studies, and MAT art students and faculty.

Records, draws/creates plans and communicates projects and equipment lists in software programs compatible with department.

Engages in regular training at least every 2 years to update and learn new skills and stay current with new practices and trends as well as relevant educational trainings recommended/required by the department.

2 Yes 10 Daily Fabricating

Assists as needed, with the fabrication, assembly, and installation of student projects which require basic technical skills, including fixtures and prototypes, assembly, testing, trouble-shooting. Researches and works with unconventional, contemporary, innovative
materials such as exotic woods, specialty products, uncommon adhesives and fasteners, finishes, etc. and post consumables.

3 Yes 25 Daily Design, Consultation and Engineering

Consults with the Facilities Manager, faculty members, professional research staff, graduate students, and other staff to facilitate the design and construction of simple projects and installations. Is involved in all stages of small projects from conceptualization through design, selection of materials and components, layout, fabrication, and assembly. Works collaboratively and/or independently from rough drafts, sketches, or verbal instructions. Prepares drawings or sketches when necessary to assist faculty, staff and students in fabricating parts.

Works as a team member with other facilities staff on larger projects, multi material/technique projects conceptual projects, departmental facilities projects, etc. proposed by supervisor, department, faculty or students.

Provides cost estimates to faculty/ students, of materials needed for proposed projects. Researches commercially built equipment (ex: planer, table saw) and tools to determine adequacy and usability for contemporary art techniques.

4 Yes 5 Weekly Purchasing/ Distribution of Supplies/ Inventory

Orders operational supplies and materials for woodshop [wood, canvas, fasteners, sand paper, glue, goggles ear plugs (personal protective equipment and misc. shop supplies as needed).

Purchases other small items and materials for the Wood Shop. Orders and distributes materials to students. Assists faculty with research related purchases. Orders, and receives materials. May be required to pick-up materials from local vendors in the Goleta and Santa Barbara area.

Responsible for keeping accurate records, including materials cost estimates, job requests, receipts of equipment purchases, etc. for research and lab fee budgets.

Assists Facilities Manager with tracking inventory of equipment, tooling, and other supplies for the Wood Shop and yard. Inventory must be taken every year.

5 Yes 5 Daily Hazard Communication Coordinator

Serves as the liaison between the Arts Department Safety Representative (DSR) and Environmental Health and Safety to implement and maintain a viable Hazard Communication Program in the department in compliance with campus and federal regulations which include: Coordinator of equipment, shop safety, chemical waste, MSDS, emergency action and fire prevention programs.

Recommends and implements health and safety procedures which are related to equipment and supplies. Develops and administers both digital and paper safety tests for safety and liability matters in the shop.

6 No 5 Daily Other Duties as Assigned

Other duties as assigned.


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