Workshop for Independent Creative Professionals

Power Pros(e) Workshop

Downtown LA 


Use WORDS to name, claim, and empower your independent creative business! 

You're so much more than a "brand." You are an expert, a community member, a visionary, a conversation starter. The right words express what makes you unique. They also help people connect with you (and your work). Join us on August 15th and find your words. 

In this short workshop for independent creative professionals (AKA artists, freelancers, all of us making it up as we go along), we practice talking about what we do, why we do it, and why it matters. Using structured, one on one interviews, you will practice clear and enticing elevator pitches, and write a meaningful mission statement to support your professional practice.

WHEN:   Monday August 15th,  7:30-9pm
WHERE: Downtown Dance & Movement, Downtown Los Angeles
COST:    $40


There is a special discount available. Sign up now at and receive a special code for 25% off.

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