Young Playwright Apprenticeship

The Blank Theatre
Los Angeles, CA



The YPF apprentice team members receive immersion training in theatre production from

May 16th -29th, 2016 during our Young Playwrights Festival which takes place at Stella Adler Theatre in the heart of Hollywood. They are a major part of every aspect of production and are truly the backbone of the entire festival.

Each apprentice will have the opportunity to:

  • stage manage at least one play
  • run the light and/or sound board
  • work as the running crew
  • participate in production meetings
  • work closely with the Festival Producer
  • train with the Production Stage Manager in all aspects of production
  • work closely with many different directors, actors, designers and producers

If the apprentice has skills or interest in a specific area of production we will give them training and/or responsibilities accordingly.

This training program is equivalent to at least a full year of college level courses in theatre production. This is a full time position and our most in-depth and fast paced apprenticeship. There is no pay, but most apprentices receive school credit for their participation. You do NOT need to be a student to apply, but you must be at least 18 and have an interest in theatre.

The festival began in 1992 and has evolved into a unique national competition for playwrights 9 to 19. For more information about the festival go to

Please supply the answers requested below and use as much space as you feel necessary to complete the questions. E-mail your completed application and your resume to [email protected] with YPF Apprentice 2016 Application in the subject line. Your application will then be reviewed by the Festival Producer and if chosen for an interview you will be contacted in March.

Good luck.




Cell phone: 




Expected date of graduation:

If selected, will you receive school credit for this apprenticeship?

Are you available between May 16th and June 29th, 20156?

Will you have a place to stay in Los Angeles and access to a reliable car?

Which field(s) of focus are you interested in and why? 

What are you hoping to learn from this apprenticeship?

What goals are you hoping to achieve in the next five years?

What is your biggest strength?

What is your biggest weakness?

Describe your motivation for choosing your current college/university.

What cartoon character are you most like and why?

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

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